By Kevin and Kalen

The religon of Islam

Islam is one of the main religions of the Middle East. The followers of Islam are called Muslems. They worship Allah or God . Abraham is the common figure of this religion and others like Judaism and Christianity. Some common holy sites to Muslems are the Dome Rock in Jerusalem and Mecca. The holy book of Islam is Qu'ran which is like the Bible to Christians. What makes religions different though are their key beliefs. In Islam the key beliefs are prayer, Friday prayers at mosque, declaration of faith which is the first pillar of Islam, and to follow the five pillars. The five pillars is a faith statement that there is only one god named Allah and Mohammad is his messenger, pray facing mecca five times daily, charity, fasting ,haji and no eating pork. Those pillars are also their practices and rituals. How do they know how when to pray you ask, well a worship leader called the Muezzin calls out to pray and everybody who is Islam gets on there knees and they face mecca to pray. Their place of worship is called a mosque were the Imam calls out to pray. There are many worship leaders in Islam there is the Imam who is the prayer leader , the Mullah who teaches the religion and the Muezzin who leads the call to worship. In Islam there are two types of sections , they are sunni and shilte. Holidays are very important to all religions , and the most common holidays in Islam is Ramadan, and Eid al Fitr. Ramadan is a holiday that celebrates Allah giving Muhammad a message, and Eid al Fitr celebrates the end of Ramadan with gifts, food, and family. They also celebrate the Islamic New Year like we do in America.
Call to Prayer

the call to pray in turkey

Islamic people are being called to pray. The Muslims have to pray five times a day.
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This is the Islamic symbol.