PERU vacation

By Max Bruno

Come to peru

Major cites

The major cites in Peru that you should visit are Arequipa, Callao, Trujillo, and one of the most interesting is cusco
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This is a picture of cusco


Lima is the capital city of peru

Picture of Lima

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History and language

Peru was not always a free country, it was controlled by Spain at one point. It did gain independence at one point on July 28, 1821.

The language of Peru is Spanish . The language of Peru is Spanish because the old owner was Spain.

Peruse flag is red and white with a symbol in the middle

Picture of flag

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Political and economic information

Peru is located to the left of Brazil and north from equdor.

The physical features of Peru are the Andes mountains, Amazon river,

Picture of geo graphical features

Political and economical informational

Peru's government type is constitutional republic

Peru's leader is ollanta humala

Peru's economic system is capitalism and there currency is Peruvian Nuevo sol

Picture of Peru's currency

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Come to Peru

What you should see and do

When you go to mere you should go see the ancient Manchu pichu

You should also see all of the physical features .