Will's Choice

Gail Griffith

About The Book

This book starts off with a suicide attempt of a seventeen year old boy named Will. Will lives in Washington, with his mother and stepfather. His parents got divorced when he was younger and his father moved out to California, where he got remarried. Will has a girlfriend throughout the book. He ends up going to an Accademy to finish his high school career.



This story takes place in Washington DC. There is a teenager and his family, his father is remarried and lives in California and he lives with his mother in Washington, and she is also remarried. The teens name is Will, who has two step siblings and one real brother. Many times in the book the main characters are at some type of hospital. Will suffers from depression and is working his way through it with the help from his family and friends.

About the author

Gail Griffith is the author of Will's Choice. This book is based on a true story, and something Gail has actually been through. She wrote this book to show that there are other options for families with children with mental illnesses. In June 2006 Ms. Griffith received the "Tipper Gore, Remember the Children Award," from Mental Health America. She lives in Washington DC, and loves to spend time with her four children and two grandchildren.

Final Reflection

Questions and Answers

What was the best part of the novel? Focus on a particular chapter, scene, or interaction between characters. Explain completely.

The best part in this novel was when Will and Meg separated. Break-ups are hard and both teens did it in a polite and mature manner and made a promise to one another that the will always stay close friends. That was my favorite scene in the book because it would usually be a sad scene, but the way they made you feel was different, it made you feel more proud than sad.

Also, in your opinion, why did the author choose to write this particular book? What was the big lesson to be learned?

The author of this book was the mother of Will. She straight up said she wrote this book fo parents with depressed teens. I leanred that not everything in your life is perfect, and there is going to be ups and downs, but that is just life and sometimes you just have to deal with it.

Questions you may have...

Does Will attempt suicide again? Or what happens to Meg after Will is goes off to college? Was Will's mothers depression worse than Will's? You will have to read Will's Choice to find out.


This book received four out of five stars.

"This book delves deep within our mental health system for what it is, for a mother who missed the warning signs that her son was suffering inside mentally. That no one is immune from situations like this. It can happen to anyone. The struggles and lengths she goes threw to save her son from the terror inside. doing anything from outpatient treatment to hospitalization to residential treatment, and against all odds he comes out of this stronger then ever."

-Krista (rated five out of five)

Trying to learn about mental health issues, suicide in particular, I chose this as an example of a first person narrative about dealing with a child's suicide attempt. The author, who struggles with depression, as does her son, writes movingly about her personal experiences, as well as about her research into the general issues of mental health care for adolescents. I appreciated the author's honesty in talking about her family and her son's willingness to share his own journal entries.

-Elisse (rated four out of five)


About the flyer creator

Rachael B. created this flyer about Will's Choice. She enjoyed this book because she has had family issues that dealt with depression and says it feels better knowing you are not alone.

She live in Mukwonago, WI and goes to Park View Middle School. She is in the eighth grade, and does soccer and track and has a family of four.