Endangered and Extinct

Kyle Boersma

The Desert Rat Kangaroo Extinction

  • Deemed extinct in 1991.
  • Located in central Australia.
  • Human introduced predators helped cause extinction.
  • Herbivore and bug eater.
  • Disappearance led to decrease in food for predators.
  • Caloprymnus campestris .
  • http://www.iucnredlist.org/details/3626/0

Pangolin Endangered

Brown Bear/Grizzly Bear

Great Barrier Reef

-This is the worlds largest reef system.

- A natural threat would be overpopulation of fish taking any nutrients needed to support the reef.

- Water degradation caused by fossil fuels is causing parts of the reef to die.

-Australia needs to better monitor what goes in their water, and what condition it is in.