Lionel Messi

By Andy Bravo/P.s Andy is awesome

this about Lionel messi Best in the world

Alright about Lionel Messi Messi was born the twenty forth of June 1987 Messi was well he still is an Argentine footballer who plays for la Liga club FC Barcelona and as the captain of the Argentina national team playing mainly as a forward. He is Barcelona’s all-time top scorer in all official club competitions. By the age of 21, messi had received Ballon de oro it was his first one.

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Messi right now has 4 four balon de oro well Messi had a goal for himself and he has beat his goal of beating puyol record a lot of goals but I for got but messi is the best in the world. Even though that people say that he is not but they say that Cristiano Ronaldo is better but that is there opinion but they can’t face the fact the Lionel Messi is better than cristiano ronaldo. And that is why I think Lionel Messi is better so yeah

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