Pre-War WWII For America

By: Kyle Zatyko

Hesitant Neutrality

America was awash with isolationism

Congress pushed for 'Neutrality' Laws that ended any prospect of America aid

FDR was more aware of an external threat; He did not approve of the Neutrality laws

The president was aware of public opinion, let them pass

The Neutrality Laws- America could not aid or sell weapons to "belligerent nations"

  • Belligerent could mean either aggressor or defender

All Aid but War

To circumvent the neutrality acts FDR proposed destroyers-for-bases

America gave its destroyers to the desperate Britain

America gained many Naval bases in the Americas from Britain

FDR was worried that Britain's naval bases would become German if Britain fell

All Aid part 2

By 1941 the war was ramping up and Britain was losing

The neutrality Acts were being dismantled

FDR proposed the Lend-Lease program

Arms were sent to Britain under the condition they would be 'returned'

The Build up to War

The Axis were becoming more aggressive

The situation was becoming more dire for the world

FDR met with Churchill to make the Atlantic Charter

It detailed the vision of the Allies