One Of Us

We are a big team.

While doing our work ideally, we communicate and have an idea about each other.

What about our personality, choices, view of life and career roadmap? Would you like to learn them too?

Our first guest of "One Of Us" interviews is Frederick Valliscer.

Let's get to know him.

Frederick Valliscer - Qrail Red Line South Underground Station Manager

I enjoy playing basketball

Tell us about yourself.

I am Electrical Engineer with 11 years’ experience in the field of electrical construction works. I work in Anel Group for more than 8 years now, currently a Station Manager in Qrail Red Line South Underground Project in Qatar. I love managing teams and solving electrical technical problems.

I am the third child of 5, I have two brothers and two sisters. My parents are retired government employees in Davao City, Philippines.

In my free time, I enjoy playing basketball, and actually this is my technique to stay fit and energetic while working in Doha. I have organized Anel’s Basketball Team and we have recently become the champion in one inter-company basketball league in Qatar. I am interested in simply chilling out, drinking coffee with friends and photography.

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They tag me as a hardworking and serious person

How do your colleagues describe you?

My colleagues and friends would generally tag me as a hardworking and serious person. They might say I have a distinct convincing voice that I use to handle my team. I may also be considered to have strict work habits and work ethics.

How and when did your journey start in Anel?

Right after graduation, I worked as Electrical Engineer in a Substation in Davao, Philippines. I decided to work abroad to have a better future and then I heard about Anel in one of the agencies in Manila. I initially applied as Electrical Site Supervisor and I was so happy when I was hired. I started to work in Anel on 15 February 2008 in Doha, Qatar. After 6 months, I was promoted as Electrical Site Engineer in Hamad (New Doha) International Airport Project. 5 years later, I was promoted as Project Engineer in the same project. On 2016, I was assigned as Station Manager in Qrail Red Line South Underground Project.

Inner peace motivates me

There are times when you face difficulties in your business and private life. What is your motivation to go on?

When faced with difficulties, I always turn to God and pray. At those times I directly visit our church. This gives me inner peace and motivates me to go on.

What are your dreams for the future?

My dream is simple, to live with my family, to have my own business in the future and to have a simple life.

Hard work breeds success

Can you summarize briefly your philosophy in life?

Hard work breeds success; Two heads are better than one; Team work is the most effective way to get a job well done.

Which talent would you like to have most?

The talent I most wanted to have is singing. I think only few lucky people have golden voice.

If you had a chance to make the world a better place, where would you begin?

I would begin it with myself. I would try to do things that I had never done before like charity works.

What do you want to teach the children about business life?

I will teach them about values in life (respect and acceptance), how important life is and how to simply become a good person to others.