German I and II

Grade Update and Reminders

Grade Update

Grades have been updated as of October 25. Please take a moment to check your grades and let me know if you have questions! I am required to enter zeros for all assignments not turned in by the deadline. A 10% per day late penalty applies and I cannot accept any assignments which are more than five days overdue. If you have turned anything late, please be patient as it may take me 72 hours to grade late assignments.


Please read carefully!

  • Contact me as soon as you need help! Begin working early, so that if you have questions or problems there is time for things to be resolved.
  • Log in and check email and pager daily!
  • Read the "News" daily as well. Any important information will be shared there.
  • Start working early and follow the course schedule as closely as possible.
  • Do not skip items and the practice activities in the content. All assignments and quizzes are based on them! I can tell how much time you've spent in the course.
  • All assignments must be completed in German in complete sentences unless otherwise specified.
  • The final discussion post for a unit is due when the next Unit begins. Please make sure you are following the schedule as closely as possible and are working a little everyday!
  • We have only have about 5 more weeks of class! This is a class like any other you are taking (pass or fail), so make sure you turning in assignments on time.
  • I follow GaVS policy and cannot accept any assignments more than 5 days overdue. I do not accept assignments at the end of the semester. I also do not offer any extra credit at the end of the semester!

Let me know if you need help!