Galapagos Penguins

Endangered in 5 years or Extincted?

All About Galapagos Penguin

The Galapagos Penguin Spheniscus mendiculus lives at the Galapagos islands. Because of the Galapagos Penguin's smaller size, it has many predators. On land, the penguins are preyed upon by crabs, snakes, owls, and hawks, while in the water they are preyed upon by sharks, fur seals, and sea lions

Galapagos penguin

The average Galapagos Penguin is 49 centimeters (19 in) long and 2.5 kilograms (5.5 lb) in weight. It is the second smallest species of penguin. They have a black head with a white border running from behind the eye, around the black ear-coverts and chin, to join on the throat. They have black-grey upper parts and whitish underparts, with two black bands across the breast, the lower band extending down the flanks to the thigh.

Endangered species

Galapagos penguins also love to relax and have fun just like us.

Behaviors and Tempertures

The temperature at the islands stays between 15 and 28 degrees Celsius (59–82 °F). During winter seasons, the penguins put off breeding, because their food becomes less abundant; this makes the chances of raising offspring successfully unfavorable compared to the chances of dying in the attempt. They usually breed when the sea surface temperature is below 24 degrees Celsius (75 °F) which results in more food for them.