Andrew Jackson

Zero or Hero!

Spoil system

When Andrew Jackson was president he hired people that would always agree with what he says. This is known as the spoil system, since he hired people who he knew would never disagree with him, he would never be told when he did something wrong

Worcester V. Georgia

This is when the supreme court decided to leave the Cherokee stay in their home land. Andrew Jackson disobeyed the supreme court and continued to remove the Cherokee from their home land. This act lead to the trail of tears.

Trail of tears

This was when the Cherokee were forced to be "relocated" to Oklahoma with order of Andrew Jackson .It was estimated that over 4,000 Cherokee died on this trip, many of them were children and elderly. The trip was was by foot, and was long and hard. Many got sick and died.


"To the victor belong the spoils" the old saying goes. Andrew Jackson hired

people that are close to him, people that don't really know anything about politics so that they have nothing else to say but agree with him. This is known as the spoil system, something that Andrew Jackson would do so he would've heard a disagreement.

Trail of Tears: Cherokee Legacy Native American Indian