Peter The Great

Emperor of Russia

Who was Peter The Great?

Peter The Great was the Emperor of Russia from 1682-1725. Peter took the throne at age 10 in 1628, and was uneducated at the time but learned most of his knowledge from learning off other people. In only a few years, Peter became one of the most powerful monarchs in all of Europe. Peter wanted to have a powerful military and modernize all of Russia

Great Accomplishments

  • Peter The Greats greatest accomplishments when he was in control of Russia was when he switched using cold water ports to warm water ports.
  • Which also let him gain ports on the Baltic Sea.
  • Also when he expanded Russia's borders which made their country more powerful.
  • Another big accomplishment was when he built the beautiful capital city of St Petersburg. Which let them have a "window to the west".

The End of Peter The Greats Reign

In 1725, Peter The Great died of gangrene. This changed Russia as it hit the people hard as they lost a very powerful ruler.