Maze Runnner- Scorch Trials

James Dashner

Guarantee You'll Love It!

This book is an exciting, and thrilling adrenaline rush. There are cranks that eat people's faces off. There are also abandoned cities, and thunderstorms that blow people to pieces. Then the main antagonist, a disease that is threatening to destroy all mankind. So take and adventure with Thomas and friends in, The Scorch Trials!
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These are the CRANKS.



The book The Scorch Trials is a book about Thomas and the Gladers, that had recently escaped from the Maze, trying to save mankind. They arrived, along with Teresa at a bunker in the middle of nowhere. The night they had arrived, Teresa had gotten switched with a boy that was from a group of girls that where just like the Gladers, same situation. .The Gladers had to travel one hundred miles to find the cure for a disease threatening mankind. They only have a designated time to do the impossibly possible. The gladers set out in a pitch black tunnel for about five hours with metal balls popping out of walls randomly and killing gladers.

They reach, The Scorch, which is to hot for bear skin, so they had to put bed sheets that where in their bags over their heads. They encounter killer lightning storms, crazy people, and heat. Thomas and friends meet some new friends, or enemies. Will the Gladers find the cure, or face certain doom? Find out in this great book with, Thomas and friends.