War Hero Still Comes Home!

What is his wife's reaction?

Penelope Still Waiting

Penelope was and still is the wife of the war hero Odysseus. She had been alone for almost 20 years now, and many people were trying to remarry her. One of these being Antonius. There was 108 different men that tried to get her to marry. She distracted them by wanting to make a burial for her deceased father, but every night she would undo her work. She almost couldn't stall any longer but Odysseus came back disguised as an old beggar. He did this so that he could sneak into his house without being noticed. As the time ran out Penelope made a challenge that would decide who she would marry. The first man to shoot an arrow through 12 ax heads would be the winner. After Odysseus won the challenge Penelope know for sure that he was Odysseus and was very excited, but Penelope test him by asking to remove their bridal bed but Odysseus refuses because he had put it there and that proved he was really home. Penelope had reached arite because she had striven to remain faithful for all those years and finally her true husband had returned home.