CAP Aerospace Group 1 Newsletter

Captain Michelle Sedberry____________ May 2017

The Group 1 Aerospace Newsletter

This newsletter has been put together for Group 1 and is for informational purposes only. This is not an official newsletter from CAP. My hope is that the newsletter will assist Squadrons in keeping up to date with current news and reporting deadlines.
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New Texas Science Standards

The State Board of Education adopted new science standards on April 21st. They will officially go in effect during the 2018-2019 school year. Many districts will be implementing 2017-2018 in non-tested grade levels. (science is only tested in 5th, 8th, and Biology)

**Importance to CAP:

When recruiting AEMs districts may ask if CAP resources are aligned to the NEW state standards. The ACE resources for K-6 are aligned to the state standards. The alignment guide is below in the resource section. I have not made an alignment guide for AEX resources at this time, but if there is a resource you use often and would like aligned please let me know.

If districts have any questions regarding the curriculum have them contact me directly and I will be happy to answer their questions.

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AEM Recruitment Ideas

1. Start with your Education Service Center
There are 20 regions in Texas. The Service Centers work directly with districts and can promote the aerospace resources to teachers. In one workshop they can recruit 20-30 AEMs! All Service Center Science Specialists know me by name so please name might get your foot in the door. I have attached the Texas map by region. Find your region and Google ESC (your number) and you will find the science specialists in your area.

2. Contact your Local School

May is a great time to reach out to the schools. May 11th is the state science assessment for 5th, 8th, and Biology. After the 11th all required content is completed for the year so teachers are looking for fun activities to do with students. CAP aerospace activities require very limited supplies and are perfect to get students outside. **Be strategic and don't contact tested grades prior to the 11th.

3. STEM Kits

STEM is huge in schools right now. All the schools know they need to do it, but don't always know what to do. STEM promotes critical thinking and problem solving. It is applying the math and science students have learned paired with technology to solve a problem. Most STEM programs are very expensive so advertise the STEM kits are FREE to AEMs and AEM membership is only $35 for a life time membership. The flyer is available under the resource section.

4. Setting Up A Face to Face Meeting

If you can get a face to face meeting bring your CAP resources with you. The curriculum resources will sell themselves. Once teachers see all the lessons they get for $35 they are on board. If you are unable to meet face to face then take a picture of everything and send it in an email. Most school websites have teacher emails listed by grade level.


STEM kits are free for CAP squadrons and an easy way to get your cadets involved in hands-on aerospace activities. All of the kits come with easy to follow lesson plans and all of the equipment needed for the activities. For more information and to apply, go to

The kits that are available:

Model and Remote-Control Aircraft


Flight Simulator



Hydraulic Engineering

Weather Station

Ready-to-Fly Quadcopter

Raspberry Pi


Squadron Highlight

Three Rivers Composite Squadron

Three Rivers Composite Squadron shared the website EarthKam.

Sally Ride EarthKAM (Earth Knowledge Acquired by Middle school students) is a NASA educational outreach program that enables students, teachers, and the public to learn about Earth from the unique perspective of space. During Sally Ride EarthKAM missions (periods when the Sally Ride EarthKAM camera is operational), middle school students around the world request images of specific locations on Earth.

**This is a great project and CAP squadrons are eligible to participate.

If your squadron has something to share please send it to and I will feature your squadron in the next newsletter!

Aerospace Deadlines

  • September-April: ACE Registration
Group 1 Tip**Recruit K-6th grade teachers through the ACE program. This is a great science curriculum which is a nice supplement to their current resources. At the bottom of this newsletter under Aerospace Resources you will find an alignment tool I made to the Texas Science TEKS.

  • September 30th: AEX Activities are Due
Group 1 Tip**Use daylight savings time to finish your 6 aerospace lessons.

  • September 30th: Yeager Awards Complete for Reporting in October
Group 1 Tip**Remember, the seniors can work together to complete the Yeager Award. Don't be intimidated by the test and book. The test is open book so tab your chapters and it will help you find information quickly.

  • October 15th: Activity Reports and Plan of Action Reports are Due
Group 1 Tip**I have made templates to assist you in tracking your activities during the year. If you keep track as you go it will not be so overwhelming during reporting time in October. Find the templates at the bottom of the newsletter under Group 1 Planning Documents.

  • November 15th: Aerospace Award Nominations are Due
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Optional Group 1 Planning Documents

This section of the newsletter is new. I have created two templates to assist Squadrons in organizing information throughout the year for reporting.

AEX Planning Document: This planning document will allow you to organize your AEX activities and 2 hour event for completion of your AEX award prior to September. Instructions on how to report your award are included in this document.

POA Planning Document: This document is a worksheet where you can record squadron activities through out the year. It also contains ideas and information on how to apply and report for different categories.

*I hope these planning documents will be very helpful for new Aerospace Officers as well as our more experienced members. Our reported Group 1 Aerospace Activity is very low. I believe we are doing great things that are not getting recorded due to last minute reporting in October. These documents will help you capture the amazing things you do all year and help speed up your reporting progress in October.

Squadron Plan of Action Planning Document

This template will help squadrons organize activities for reporting through the year.

AEX Planning Document

This template can be used to assist your squadron in planning your AEX program and keeping track of your activities.

Aerospace Resources

Aerospace Education Specialty Track Study Guide

This guide will help Aerospace Officers understand the training needed to complete the Aerospace Specialty Track.

Aerospace Education Information Manual

This manual explains everything an Aerospace Officer needs to know for their position.

AEX Middle School Resource

Click here to access this CAP resource.

ACE Resource State Standard Alignment Guide

The ACE curriculum is a K-6 resource that covers earth science, life science, and physical science. This would be a good resource for AEMs and for Science Fair projects.

Captain Michelle Sedberry, CAP

HQ, Group l

Aerospace Officer

Air Force Auxiliary