Pakistan lesson 1.1

Fast Facts

• located in Asia

• president in Mamoon Hussain

• slightly more than five times the size of Georgia

• one of the oldest civilizations in the world is from the Indus Valley dating back 5,000 years

• total area of Pakistan in 796,095 square kilometers

• climate is mostly hot dry desert, temperate in north west and arctic in northern

• frequent earthquakes

• population-199,085,847

• approximately 119,000,000 less people than America

• Pakistan has the sixth largest population in the world


Pakistani people have a variety of traditional dresses in addition to the shalwar kameez.


Date. Rictor scale. Deaths

893-894. 8. 150,000

May 2nd

1968. 7.6. 50,000

May 31st

1935. 7.7. 30,000-60,000

October 8th

2005. 7.6. 80,000. 3.5 million people homeless

October 26th

2015. 7.5. 363


This group of people are terrorists which their goal is to established an Islamic caliphate in the Afghanistan Pakistan region. They carry out small scale bombing and shooting attacks against Shia Muslims, military installations, and government building. They are responsible for the deaths of 45 people in a bus shooting attack on May 13th 2015.


The adult prevalence rate of HIV and AIDS is .09%. There are approximately 93,900 people in Pakistan living with aids. There have been 2,800 recorded deaths from HIV/AIDS in Pakistan.


Labor Force

agriculture: 43.7%

industry: 22.4%

services: 33.9%

6.5 unemployment rate


64.8% of GDP


151 airports

23 heliports

7,789 km Railways


total: 262,256 km

paved: 189,218 km

unpaved: 73,038 km


Pakistan gained its independence in 1947. For almost 25 years following independence, it consisted of two separate regions, East and West Pakistan, but now it is made up only of the western sector. A series of invaders controlled Pakistan from 25,000-1700 b.c. Pakistan began testing for nuclear weapons in 1999.

List of wars

First Indo Pakistani war

First Baluchistan conflict

Second Baluchistan conflict

Third Baluchistan conflict

Second Indo Pakistan war

Bangladesh Liberation war

Fourth Baluchistan war

Soviet Intervention in the Afghanistan Civil War

Siechan War

Operation Gothic Serpant

Kargil war

Fifth Baluchistan conflict

War in North West Pakistan


Pakistan constitution states that every person, ages 3-16 get free schooling.

The literacy rate is 96% in Islamabad but it's 28% in the kohlu district.


Muslim (official) 96.4%

(Sunni 85-90%, Shia 10-15%),

other (includes Christian and Hindu) 3.6%

Ethnic groups

Punjabis 42.15%

Pashtuns 17.42%

Sindhis 14.1%

Seraikis 10.53%

Muhajirs 7.57%

Balochs is 3.57%

Other 4.66%

Flag meaning

The green represents the believed favorite color of their prophet Muhammad.

The white represents religious minorities.

The crescent symbolizes progress.

The star represent light and knowledge.