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16 May 2019

Sorry Day - Saturday 25 May

Spirituality is the ultimate answer to reconciliation in Australia and everywhere else in the world. Loving ourselves, our families, our neighbours, our countrymen and every other living thing is the reason we are here on earth.

If we follow the ripple in the pond when a stone hits the water, we can easily see that that one little stone affects the entire pond. If the stone represents love, and it drops somewhere in our universe, that love will send its ripple throughout the entire universe. All the people, birds, animals, insects, plants, trees and rocks will in some way be affected by it. It is the same with anger and hate.

We must choose which ripples we wish to send into our universe.

Bob Randall Songman


Monday 20 May – LifeLink Fundraiser – Wear you PJ’s - Gold Coin donation.

Friday 24 May – Mary Help of Christians – Whole School Mass (Year Two organising)

Monday 27 and Tuesday 28 May – Cyclical Review @ St. Thomas’

Friday 31 May – St. Thomas’ Cross Country Carnival

Monday 3 June – WA Day Public Holiday


Dear St. Thomas' Community,

A huge thank you to Mr Lori Canalini (Miss Canalini's Dad) (Gatecrasher Advertising) for his donation of time and expertise in assisting the school in our recent marketing initiative. Lori designed a ‘postcard’ sized advertisement that has been letter drop in designated suburbs to highlight the amazing things we do at St. Thomas’, with the goal being attracting more students. This goal is a central platform of the School Board as funding for St. Thomas’ is directly impacted upon the number of students we have in attendance.

Many thanks to parents, especially those mothers and grandmothers who were able to attend our Mothers’ Day Prayer Service and morning tea last Friday morning. Miss Ward and the Year One class led us beautifully throughout the service and the support they received from the Choir was wonderful. Also a big thanks to the P&F for setting up the Mothers’ Day Stall and for those who assisted. This was a tremendous success.

Congratulations to all students who completed NAPLAN testing this week. We know this can be a very stressful time for many students and staff therefore, I must commend the students on their great attitude, hard work and dedication towards doing their best. Well done! Thanks also to Mrs Lila Gibbs who has worked tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure the children iPads were ready and the schools information technology infrastructure was well prepared. Thank you Lila!

Edu-Dance Concert: Save the date! Edu-Dance Concert will take place on Wednesday 26 June. Please be aware that this year’s event will take place again at Loreto Catholic Primary School.



We wish to encourage all families with sick children to please keep them at home until they are completely well. The change of season has produced a string of coughs, colds and tummy upsets and unfortunately school is the perfect breeding ground for them to spread.

An extra day in bed resting will make a significant difference. So please give your children the benefit of the doubt if they complain of headaches or feeling hot or unwell. Their classmates and all the staff at St Thomas' would be very grateful.


First Holy Communion: Please remember to keep in your prayers the Year Four Class who are preparing for their First Holy Communion. The Sacrament will be celebrated on Sunday 23 June at 9.30am Mass. The Parent Evening will take place on Wednesday 5 June at 6.00pm in the School Library.

Free Dress Day for Lifelink on Monday 20 May. Get your PJ’s ready! Gold coin donation!


School Fees

School Fees: A VERY BIG thank you to those families who have paid their 2nd instalment of fees. A gentle reminder for those yet to pay, that this instalment is due before Term 2 ends. Please see Julie or Leanne in the Office for any further queries.

PARENT CONTACT: In accordance with our Pastoral Care beliefs we understand that in this financial climate, it may become difficult to keep up with educational/financial demands. If you find yourself in this position, please do not hesitate to contact myself to make alternate arrangements e.g. incremental payments. All conversations and arrangements are kept strictly confidential.

Immunisation Records

We are required to record all children's most current immunisation status and request you supply a current copy at your earliest convenience. Thank you to everyone who has now done this. If you have been unable to complete this to date, please attend to this matter at your earliest convenience. You are welcome to scan and email this to or drop into the school office (during term time) where we are very happy to take a copy for your child/ren's file.

The only acceptable documentation for this purpose is your child's Immunisation History Statement from the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR). The Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) records information about immunisations given to children who live in Australia.

Parent or guardians of children under 14 years of age can request an AIR history statement by:

If your child/ren have received immunisation overseas then you can have their AIR updated. Information on how to do this is available from:

We thank you in advance for attending to this matter at your earliest convenience.


Cross Country Club Training has commenced with large numbers! Well done to all students who have attended and thanks to the staff and parents who are helping with training and assisting with walking students back to school. Training occurs every Thursday morning, meeting at Rowe Park at 7.55am.

This year each student has their own QR code so they can track the amount of laps they run at training. Students will receive a star for each 5 km they run.

Cross-Country Carnival: The St Thomas’ Cross Country Carnival will take place on Friday 31 May 1:00pm—2:50pm. Children from Pre Primary to Year Six will be participating in the carnival. The event will take place at Rowe Park, Claremont. At the conclusion of the event the children can be collected from Rowe Park or alternatively will be walked back to school in time for pick up.

Parents are required to help supervise and walk students back to school.

Friday 31st May – St Thomas Faction Cross Country Carnival – There has been a slight change to the program – please see below.

Early lunch for students in Years 3-6.

Student assemble on the Netball courts to walk to Rowe Park with teachers:


12.40 – 12.50pm Arrival of Years 3-6 students

1.00pm Year 4 (Boys and Girls) Long Course 1.25km

1.10pm Year 5 (Boys and Girls)Long Course 1.75km

1.20pm Year 5 (Boys and Girls) Short Course 1.0km

1.30pm Year 3 (Boys and Girls) Long Course 1.0km

1.40pm Year 6 (Boys and Girls) Short Course 1.0km

1.50pm Year 6 (Boys and Girls) Long Course 2.0km

2.00pm Year 2 (Boys) All 0.5km

2.05pm Year 2 (Girls) All 0.5km

2.10pm Year 1 (Boys) All 0.5km

2.15pm Year 1 (Girls) All 0.5km

2.20pm Year PP (Boys) All 0.5km

2.25pm Year PP (Girls) All 0.5km

Upcoming Events

Wednesday 12th June – Interschool Cross Country Carnival – Dianella Reserve

Friday 21st June – Winter Lightning Carnival – Matthews Netball Centre, Pat Goodridge Oval and Henderson Park, Wembley.


St Thomas’ has a new initiative introduced by our librarian, Mr Wray:

St Thomas’ Book Exchange Library!

The Book Exchange Library, placed beside the P&F Community Board, allows the children of St Thomas’ to bring in a preloved book that they may swap for someone else’s favourite book.

If your child has a book that is well loved and has been well read in your home and you think another child would enjoy reading it, please encourage them to bring it in on any day to the Book Exchange Library. This Book Exchange Library is open all hours!

The staff and students think this is an amazing way to encourage a love of reading whilst continuing to promote sustainability at St Thomas’.

Green Team Logo Competition

The Green team are running a competition to design a logo for the launch of our new name:

Rebound Rubbish

Every student is invited to take part in this competition to design a logo that we can use when we are promoting our ‘reduce waste’ initiative through the St Thomas community …. and beyond.

The prize for the competition is to have a pizza lunch with Mr. Tuohy and three friends of your choice.

To submit email your entry to:

By Friday of Week 5, 31st May 2019. St Thomas has been running this initiative since the beginning of the year. A big thank you to everyone who has helped by using the compost bins and taking their rubbish home.

Free Mulch

The Western Metro Regional Council is saying thank you very mulch to its member council residents by providing them with free garden mulch! Member councils include Town of Mosman Park, Town of Claremont, City of Subiaco, Town of Cottesloe and Shire of Peppermint Grove.

With proof of residency, parents and community members living in participating member councils can pick up a trailer-load of beautiful free mulch from the West Metro Recycling Centre, corner Lemnos and Brockway Streets, Shenton Park, 7 days a week.

The free mulch is a great example of closed loop recycling where residents get rewarded for their recycling efforts. It is processed from green waste including that delivered to the West Metro Recycling Centre and from WMRC’s member councils. This green waste will soon include that from the Town of Mosman Park’s new garden organics bin service which will be rolled out from June 2019.


  • Mulch available 7 days a week from West Metro Recycling Centre. Visit WMRC for opening hours.
  • Member council residents only - proof of residence is required. Member councils include: Town of Mosman Park, Town of Claremont, City of Subiaco, Town of Cottesloe and Shire of Peppermint Grove.
  • Pick up only; self-serve basis.
  • Up to one small trailer load per visit (6 x 4, i.e. 1.8m by 1.2m trailer or smaller).
  • Mulch subject to availability.

For more information, call the WMRC Recycling Hotline on 9384 6711 or visit

Entertainment Books

St Thomas Primary School - Entertainment Books

Entertainment! Packed with thousands of valuable offers across dining, retail, attractions and travel, an Entertainment Membership.

Thank you for supporting St Thomas Primary School and knowing it helps a good cause.



Digital Technology Guidelines for Parents

Top Tip: Keep devices out of the bedroom from the beginning

If you keep mobile phones and other devices out of your child’s bedroom at night, your child won’t be able to stay up late playing games or messaging friends. This can also stop your child being disturbed in the night by messages or notifications. It is important to create a bedroom atmosphere conducive to rest as many young children are in a constant sleep deficit as it is without bringing digital devices into the mix.

Good habits from the beginning are essential.

Lisa Meyers

Assistant Principal


What’s on Next week?

Monday- Lava Lamp Science Experiment and Diary Making

Tuesday- Heart Bumble Bee craft and Lego Bridge Building/ Dance- Talent Show Practice

Wednesday- Pattern Worms Beads and Invitation to Create- Build a bug and Yoga/-Talent Show

Thursday- Chocolate Coconut Balls and Gaelic Football/ Dance Presentation- Talent Show Practice

Friday- Bracelet making and Indoor/ Outdoor Soccer Games

The Extend Superstars are…

Alyssa for sharing her brilliant activity ideas in Extend and for showing her amazing singing talent in the group.

Lauren for always taking time to help others not only the educators but the little ones. Her enthusiasm to teach her Extend friends the simple yoga poses is admirable.

What’s Been Happening?

We have been busy enjoying our cooking activities, science experiments, and arts and crafts making. But the most exciting activity of the week was showing individual’s talent such as dancing, singing, playing the piano and learning some simple yoga poses. Everyone was so thrilled for our upcoming talent show this term. Stay tuned for more information about this in the next newsletter.

Have a wonderful week!

Liezel Menguito, Service Coordinator

Extend Before and After School Care

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St Thomas' Community Partners