(random access memory)

What is it?

The RAM is the random access memory(temp storage) this stores info on it whilst the pc is running. After the pc is turned off the memory goes to the hard drive. The RAM is situated next to the cpu on the motherboard. The more GB(gigabytes) you have, the smoother the pc will run. It is more expensive to get more GB but you get a smoother experience. In the average pc there is about 4GB (for a 64bit operating system)but in a gaming pc there can be up to 16GB. Generally laptops have less RAM in them but you can upgrade them to have more RAM in. There are many different makers of RAM such as AMD and Corsair. A 4GB stick of ram is about £30 but the prices of them have come down a lot recently. Down below there is some info from where I got it from.
What is Random Access Memory (RAM)
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