Alyssa Twist

Affects on Kids

My research shows that bullying can affect kids drastically. It can make kids scared to go to school because of bullies. They are afraid that they might get punched, kicked etc. Words can hurt.

Emotional Effect

The harmful effects of bullying include experiencing more physical sicknesses, reduced work, bad grades, and lowered self-esteem. In extreme cases, bullying has been linked to violence and suicide. Fortunately, there are ways to help bullies learn better ways of interacting; to help those who are bullied learn strategies for coping with bullies; and to help witnesses learn to stand up to bullies.


When you hear the word bullying often you think of seeing it, but there is also cyber-bullying. This is where people scare you or make you feel bad over social media. Others opinions shouldn't affect your personality. You should really think before you say or type anything that could hurt another person.


It is a very bad thing in today's society.

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Relationship to Tangerine

Erik is mean to Paul. They are always fighting. "He tried to kill me"

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October 6, 2012



netTrekker is addressing the problem of cyber bullying. It explains what cyber bullying is and how it can affect children. Real kids can post comments on what they think or feel about cyber bullying, or some eye-witnesses. This site represents the major issue cyber bullying has on today’s society.