Kindergarten News

Adventures in Ms. Kovalesky's Kindergarten Class

December 8, 2014


PALS: We continue to add letter sounds to our PALS lessons. We've added the following sounds: o, r, h, p, l, and u. We have also began sentence reading using the sight words and stretching out the other words.

We've been talking about patterns in reading, when the same words are repeated on each page. We've talked about how patterns help us figure out unknown words. We read the patterns and then use our "Eagle Eye" to look at the picture and figure out the unknown word. We've found out that sometimes the unknown word can be at the beginning of the sentence, the end of the sentence, or in the middle.

Home-School Connection

Using the books in your child's book bag, see if they can find any patterns. When they get to an unknown word, have them use their Eagle Eye to look at the picture to figure out the tricky word.

In addition to using the picture to figure out unknown words, we get our lips ready to say the first sound in the word.

We've also been working on writing sentences that follow a pattern. Each of us used the same pattern and changed one word to make it our own. In writing we continue to use kid spelling to figure out how to spell words. We stretch it out to hear the beginning, middle, and end sounds. We're also working on putting spaces between our words, starting the sentence with an uppercase letter and ending it with a period.

Home-School Connection

Have your child use one of the sentence frames to write a sentence. Remind them to use spaces, an upper case letter at the beginning, and a period at the end.

I can _____________.

I like to _____________ .

You can _____________.


We have spent a lot of time working on patterns. First we worked on extending simple patterns. Then we worked on identifying the types of patterns, and finally we created our own patterns. We learned how to use shapes, colors, letters, and numbers to create patterns. We also do different motions with our bodies. To make an ABB pattern we might do snap, clap, clap or jump, wiggle, wiggle. We learned about AB, AABB, AAB, ABB, ABC patterns.

Home-School Connection

Make a pattern. Ask your child to identify what kind of pattern it is. Then ask them to extend the pattern.

Ask your child to create an AAB pattern. Then an ABC pattern.

We also began to look at growing patterns and used number patterns to help us. We learned that +1 means one more and -1 is one less.

Home-School Connection

Start by asking your child what is one more than __? Then what is 1 + __? Do the same with subtraction (what is one less than ___)

We have also worked on telling math stories by looking at a picture. For example, there are 2 birds in the tree and 3 birds in the sky. How many birds in all? We've worked on both addition and subtraction stories.

Home-School Connection

Use the picture above to tell math stories. You can tell stories and then your child has to answer them. Or ask your child to tell stories too.


We finished our unit on nursery rhymes and poems. We ended the unit by writing diamond poems and is poems about things we know. The final poem the students got to write about a stuffed animal and got to choose to write either a list poem or a diamond poem.

Our new unit has the central idea: Learning about ourselves helps us learn about how people are the same and different.

In this unit we start by learning about ourselves. We've been working on drawing self portraits and identifying our physical characteristics. We made a bubble map of our physical characteristics and then used that to help us label a self-portrait. We also learned the poem I See Me! We used the strategy of Lips the Fish to get our lips ready to say the word when we were trying to figure out tricky words.

Home-School Connection

Read the poem with your child:

I see my head.

I see my neck.

I see my shoulders,

I see my body.

I see my arms.

I see my wrists.

I see my hands.

I see my legs.

I see my feet.

I see all of me!

Other Activities

We had a sparks lesson with Mrs. Moore where we talked about what it means to be an upstander.

We had an art lesson with Mrs. Humphrey where we created an abstract painting inspired by Wassily Kandinsky.

Notes From Ms. Kovalesky

Thank you for all of the classroom donations! I really appreciate it.

Our winter party will be on Friday, December 19 from 10:00-11:30. I will be sending home a volunteer form this week if you would like to help out. It will also be a pajama day!

Just a reminder that homework is a great way to monitor your child's progress especially in math. The homework is a review of concepts that we have already covered in class, so they should be able to complete it fairly easily.

When your child is reading from their book bag, encourage them

  • to use their tracking finger
  • to figure out unknown words by looking at the picture and/or saying the first part of the word. Let them try to figure out the word on their own before you tell it to them.
  • to read the book more than one time to help them become fluent
  • to talk about the book after they read, what happened in the book?

If your child brings home a paper book with a sticker on it, that means it is a book that your child has practiced with me in a small group. Just like the other books in the bag, they should practice reading it at home and return it the next day.

Upcoming Events

Friday, December 19: Winter Party/Pajama Day

Monday, December 22-Friday, January 2: No School: Winter Break