The Industrial North

The Lowell Girls

Becoming the Lowell Girls

During the beginning of the 1800's the American Industry was made. There were factories,machines, and predetermined tasks. They lowell system employed young unmarried women from local farms. Lowell. made boardinghouses for the women. Women residents were given a room and meals along with their job. The young women who worked at Lowell soon. became awknown as the Lowell Girls.

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The Letter from Mary

Many deaths happened and many bones broke. Last Thursday one girl fell down and broke her neck, which caused instant death. She was going in or coming out of the mill and slipped down, it being very icy. The same day a man was killed by the railroad cars.Mary got paid and bought pants and $0.50 shoes.Mary had much pleasure and felt well.She thought the lowell was a good place for young women

Transportation Improvements

Transportation Revolution or period of rapid growth in the speed and convenience of travel because of new methods in transportation. This created a boom in business across the Eastern United states because of reduced shipping times and costs. The two main modes of travel and trade were the Steamboats and the Railroad system. As a result of these transportation and travel developments the economy surged forward and major cities began to grow in the 1800’s. The transportation systems improved by new material used in the cars.