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December 17th, 2018

Benjamin Scoville, Director
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From the Director

Dear CDS Community,

Term 2 has come to an end and we have many reasons to be proud of the progress our students have made thus far in the school year. It was wonderful seeing such meaningful student performances during the Winter Concert and Candle Lighting Ceremony. We're very grateful for all who were involved in making it memorable.

Students should also be proud of the hard work they put into final exams. Taking so many exams in such short period is no easy task. I hope all CDS students can find some time to rest and enjoy a break from the pressures of school during the winter break.

Report Cards have been completed and mailed to your homes, so please check your mailboxes over the next few days.

Have a great holiday everyone!

Benjamin Scoville

Director of Middle School

ESLR Awards

CDS MS students are continually learning to be kind to one another, to persevere through difficulty, to think broadly and deeply, and to ask tough questions about themselves and world around them. They're learning to articulate their ideas, and see value in each other's difference. They’re also learning to see themselves as a part of a larger community and to consider their roles and responsibilities within it.

Teachers at CDS are committed to helping each child practice and develop our school values, the 6 Cs. Twice each year we recognize students who have shown significant growth in these areas. The students below actively practice the 6 Cs and have been wonderful examples to those around them. We are grateful for their service to the CDS community.


G5 Bella Dahae Lee


G7 Alex Taewan Noh

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G8 Ahjin Kim


G6 Claire Sua Cho


G7 Ashley Yoonsuh Choi


G8 Hugh Xuanming Zhang

- Upcoming Events -

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Orientations for volleyball and co-ed table tennis will take place directly after the break! Be sure to complete an after school permission slip so you can attend the orientations. We look forward to an excellent athletic season with many participants.

* Girls Volleyball Orientation - 1/7 (Monday) & 1/10 (Thursday)

* Boys Volleyball Orientation - 1/9 (Wednesday) & 1/11 (Friday)

* Co-Ed Table Tennis Orientation - 1/7 (Monday) & 1/9 (Wednesday)


* Girls Volleyball - Monday & Thursday (4-5:30pm)

* Boys Volleyball - Wednesday (4-5:30pm) & Friday (3-5pm)

* Table Tennis - Monday & Wednesday (4-5:30pm)

<This week, around CDS MS>

Student Council - Fill the Sleigh

The Fill the Sleigh drive for Happy Home, an orphanage in Incheon, came to an end after three weeks of collecting essential items such as laundry detergent, shampoo, soap, tooth brushes, and toothpaste. CDS students, teachers, and the community brought in over one hundred items and well surpassed the list of items Happy Home said they needed most. Some of our student council members will be delivering the items to Happy Home next week. We are grateful to be able to support an organization in our community this holiday season!

- Ms Montelibano

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2018-19 Term 2 Final Exams

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Math with Mrs. Hinds

The 6th graders wrapped up Chapter 5 by playing a game called Battleship on coordinate planes. They had been studying about integers, which are positive and negative whole numbers plus zero, and also the coordinate plane. In the game of Battleship, Student A places ships on one side of the board and then guesses where Student B put ships on the other side of the board. Their guesses were always integer ordered pairs on the coordinate plane.

This game gave students the opportunity to read and graph ordered pairs on the coordinate plane in a fun manner. The students really enjoyed the game and gained a deeper understanding of integers and the coordinate plane.

- Mrs. Hinds

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EAL class with Ms. Montelibano

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G5-6 Advanced Spanish: Sharing Students' passions through Podcasting

Do you like soccer? Do you want to practice your Spanish a little bit during the winter break? Are you curious about CDS students stories?

MS Advanced Spanish G/5-6 Project #2 may be what you are looking for! For this project students created their own podcast about a topic they are passionate about. Students had to research, write the script, rehearse it and collaborate together as it was a group project. It was a lot of fun and everyone did a great job. Please enjoy Alejandro Ballesteros and Aarón Amaya´s podcast!

- Mr. Biarje

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2018-19 Winter Concert

Middle School Office

The holiday spirit has been alive and well in the CDS Middle School Office thanks to the decorating skills of Ms. Lee and Ms. Kim.
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Playing in the snow :)

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Upcoming Events

12/17-1/4 - Winter Break

1/7 - Term 3 Begins

1/7 - Battle of the Books Practice begins (@ CC time)

1/10 - Term 3 Assembly