Alder Weekly Update

Week of January 10, 2021

Message from the Principal

Happy Friday Alder students, parents, and teachers! It has been an extremely busy week preparing for our hybrid students’ return to Alder. Group A will be here on Tuesday and Wednesday, while Group B will attend on Thursday and Friday.

Parents- Please be certain that your child knows to proceed directly to his/her period 1 class at the start of the day. The only exception is that if he/she wishes to get breakfast, he/she can go immediately to the cafeteria and get a meal. We are operating within the hybrid largely as we did prior to virtual instruction the past few months. Our teachers will be moving from class to class to limit student movement. Also, please remember to complete the Health Screen each morning prior to your child’s departure. If your child or family members should have any Covid-related health concerns, please report it and keep your child home. Our district has a Covid hotline that you must call to report cases.

Our school nurses are available as follows:

Melanie Charlton- 609-383-3366 ext. 1411

Christina Somers- 609-383-3366 ext. 1410

Our school will have pictures on 1/27 and 1/28 for our hybrid students during the school day. We will have pictures for our virtual students on 1/25 from 2:30-4:30 pm. To schedule your virtual child for pictures, please call 609-383-3366 ext. 1402 or 1408.

Some good news to share! Mr. John Jones received a Garden Grant from Atlanticare this past week. He will use this money to educate and work with students in our on-site garden. Congratulations to Mr. Jones and his students.

Remember, we are also still involved in a Battle of the Pages with Fernwood competing head to head against Alder. Fernwood continues to have a HUGE lead on us. Students- please keep reading. Parents and teachers - encourage reading. Submit your book trailers and posters.Let’s try to catch them. Mrs. Kelly Pistoia, our Reading Coach, is leading this effort with our students and she is posting daily. Check out Mrs. Pistoia’s website for more details.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone on Tuesday! In the meantime, enjoy the long weekend and stay safe!

Mrs. Giardina, Ms. Perone, and Mrs. Day

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Back to Hybrid we go!

Please follow the same schedule for Hybrid/virtual learning.
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Survivors of the Month

Congratulations to our December Survivors of the Month!! Keep doing great things!
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Staff Shout-outs

From Ms. Ann Irwin:

I am with Mr Jones for first period would be more than happy to help out with bus duty. Also today Mr Jones cut the tension and the lack of participation by having the children engage in a Ancient Egypt Breakout we had to answer questions and work as a team. The children were awesome and we definitely heard them talking and laughing and having fun learning about tombs, Nile River, King Tut, interesting facts to remember, We did not finish today but will continue this breakout. Bravo! Mr. Jones mission accomplished. Mrs. Ware also broke the ice today by sharing trivia and telling jokes. This really grabbed the students attention and set a positive tone for the LinkIt and Moby Max tests. Great job! Mrs. Ware. I am proud to be a small part of my team.

Friday shout out goes to Mr Romeo. He had managed to keep the students mentally and physically and emotionally alive. He has kept the their minds and body alert with reasonable and fun activities. Kahoot, brain teasers, word search,find things that are missing. His pleasant and engaging personality kept the students interested in learning more about the sports that they will get to play. He is a asset to Alder.

Friday Furry Friend Day

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Community Partnerships

Battle of the Pages

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