Amplifying Your Reader's Workshop!

Using Technology with Intention...

What Do You Know About Reader's Workshop?

Use the Padlet to collaborate with your group. Consider these questions: What is Reader's Workshop, What are the components of Reader's Workshop, and What does Reader's Workshop look like in your classroom?


An online portfolio that can enhance your reader's workshop!

Connection to Prior Learning....

Just as we use technology to collaborate, create, assess, and research in content areas, we can also use technology to amplify reader's workshop. Technology is one tool that each student uses to make his/her reading life visible.

Active Engagement: Reader's Closely Read to Understand Text...Let's Discuss Tools to Annotate our Text to Amplify our Reader's Workshop.

“Courage. Kindness. Friendship. Character. These are the qualities that define us as human beings, and propel us, on occasion, to greatness.”
R.J. Palacio, Wonder

“The best way to measure how much you've grown isn't by inches or the number of laps you can now run around the track, or even your grade point average-- though those things are important, to be sure. It's what you've done with your time, how you've chosen to spend your days, and whom you've touched this year. That, to me, is the greatest measure of success.”
R.J. Palacio, Wonder

Independent Practice: NewsELA - Close Reading Using "Liquid Text"

For a quick tutorial on how to utilize "Liquid Text" to amplify Reader's Workshop, watch this Youtube video!

Now, let's use this article to closely read and annotate. Save the article and drop it into liquid text. As you are reading, mark it up. What questions do you have? What do you wonder? What do you have a better understanding of? Use the tool to make your thinking visible.


Let's reflect and discuss!

Is there something you can take away from today and begin utilizing immediately in your classroom?

Do you see technology as a way to amplify your reading instruction?