Black Duck

Usmaan A, Amit B, Leah F, Camila R, Luke S


Ruben, Billy Brandy, Mr. Riley, Chief McKenzie, Tom, David Peterson,
This is the Black Duck boat that's been modified over the years.
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This is the story of a young 8th grade boy named David. David interviews the old and mysterious Ruben Hart. It takes a while for Ruben to open up to David, but later he finally tells him a story. Ruben and his friend Jeddy found a dead body on the shore of a beach in 1929. They were certain it had to do with the liquor smuggling. Next thing you know Ruben explains every detail, in his exciting adventure.

Dead body found on the beach

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Prediction Video



Exposition: Introduces main characters, David, Ruben, and Jeddy

Rising Action: Ruben and Jeddy find a dead body on the beach. When they reported to the police, when they come back to the beach, the dead body is gone. Ruben sees the Black Duck being unloaded. Ruben starts working on Black Duck.

Climax: Ruben gets kidnapped and interrogated.

Falling Action: Ruben went on Black Duck and saw three bodies lying on the deck.

Resolution: David does his last interview, and Ruben admitted he was part of the Drug Smuggling on the Black Duck.