Togo to Kenya

Why Kenya?

Well, before I answer that question.. let's go back to my life at the age of 11.

Most of you know, I was born and grew up in Togo. My parents were missionaries in the capital city. When I was 11, I felt the Lord calling me to work with kids with special needs. I didn't know the 'logistics' of it all, but his calling was clear.

Since then the Lord has been preparing me in different ways. I finished a masters degree in Special Education while teaching in Morocco. After a 2 year assignment in Morocco I was completely... confused. I was dealing with some intense Post Traumatic Stress from some different things and needed to return to the States. I felt like I was never going to 'get over it.' I questioned if I was supposed to be going back overseas...

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After 3 years in South Korea, and 2 years in Morocco... it was time for a 'break'. I came home to live with my parents, see family and friends, start a job in a field I am familiar with (teaching English as a Second Language) and "regroup."

I started seeing a Christian counselor and she helped me heal and 'figure it out.' Also through a lot of prayer and support from family and friends... I realized the calling has not changed. That it is OK to be taken care of for a little while, we all need rest. I had to allow myself to Rest in HIS Arms.

I am NOT in control of my future, He is.

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Self Defense

After more than one person suggesting, including my counselor, I did a 'google search' for self defense. Found a place not far from home, and started what I thought was self defense classes.... umm... Yes, and No... :)

KRAV MAGA is what I got signed up for somehow... This has helped me tremendously! I am still learning, but my anxiety level WOW has gone way down! The patience & encouragement of the students in the class and the instructor... how did I end up so blessed? Such a God Thing.

At about the same time, I started an online Bible study with a group of ladies form around the world and started my first SEMINARY class. So much for rest, right?

Back 2 Kenya

So, back to the first question.

Why Kenya?

I signed up to rejoin NICS, the Network of International Christian School. I saw that an Elementary Special Education position was up on the website and said,

Ok Lord..

here we go.

If it's your will,

make it Clear.

Well, Kenya, ready or not, here I come :)

Excited about joining the NICS team again, rejoining some friends from Korea, reconnecting with an MK who lived in Togo as well, and seeking out opportunities to work with special needs orphans in the community!

Where am I at with fundraising?

Click here and it will take you to my blog to find out :)