Adrian Petersons career

by;Jerry Campbell


One day my family and I were watching TV ,and we saw Adrian Peterson score. We thought he was the best player we have ever seen. Adrian Peterson, Vikings, running back makes the Vikings better, and harder to beat .

Early Life

Adrian Peterson was born march 21, 1985. In his early life his dad was a basketball player. He had a brother. Arian Peterson watched a drunk driver kill his brother. He felt very sad after his brothers death. This incident caused him to do better.

Child Charges

Adrian Peterson got charged with child abuse. He got a tree branch which could be called a switch and hit his 4 year old son. He left bruises and cuts on his lower back. his son was in a lot of pain.' Adrian thought and said I should have not done that' This affected his career. He could not play football for a while.

Adrians success

When he got back into football he quickly improved as a elite player. Adrian did not hurt his son anymore after he got back into football. He got back to the Vikings. He had 296 rushing yards in week 8. He thought and said 'That was my success'. Adrian had doing a lot better in his games. He had left everything he had on the field.
Big image

This picture shows what happend when Adrian Peterson abused his 4 year old son.