Social Studies Project

New England Colonies

Christopher Canty Matthew Toledo and Vianka Rivera

New England Colonies



New Hampshire

Rhode Island

Dates settled



New Hampshire-1623

Rhode Island-1636

Reasons for settling

There were many reasons why New England wanted to come settle in America, mainly because of the search for wealth. Other colonist wanted religious freedom, so when some disagreed with the new Anglican beliefs they decided to come to America. In fact the pilgrims were a group of Separatist that had wanted to come to America.


Massachusetts- Charter Colony

Connecticut- Charter Colony

New Hampshire- Royal Colony

Rhode Island- Charter Colony

Major Cash Crops

Massachusetts- Hay, Apples, Tobacco and Peaches.

Connecticut- Pears, Apples and Hay

New Hampshire- Maple, Syrup and Hay

Rhode Island- Potatoes and Apples

Geographic Features

New England has very unwealthy thin rocky soil,not very good for farming,many rivers that helped farmers grow just enough to help their family.


New England was one of the coldest regions, there were short summers that lead to massive winters that caused many problems such as a short growing season. Although there was less disease than in the warmer climates. Eventually the colonist learned to adapt to the climate and terrain of the region where they lived.

Religious Influences

Massachusetts-The puritans of Massachusetts believed that all laws of the community were to be grounded in God’s law and all citizens were expected to uphold the divine agreement.

Connecticut-The puritans of Connecticut invite the natives of the country to the knowledge and obedience of the only true god and savior of man kind.

New Hampshire-In New Hampshire no person shall be capable of being elected a senator who is not of the protestant religion.

Rhode Island-The puritans of Rhode Island believed in worshiping the one and only God.

Important People of The New England Colonies


Rhode Island


New Hampshire