My Smore Flyer

Cinquain poem


Bright, hot

Growing, evaporating, tanning

lighting up the area


Personification poem

I am earth

I rotate around my best friend the sun

I help humans grow crops

The moon talks to me so I talk back

Iv lived for millions of years

about 150 million years ago I split the continents apart

I am earth


Ode to my bed

Bed, oh bed, I love you

so much you give me

a soft surface to lay on

and rest my feet and head.

Your so comfortable and your

covers hold me. You help

me keep rested and have energy.

Bed, oh bed I love you for all you

do for me.

Exaggeration poem

I am better than you.

I beat up giants.

and fly through the air.

my favorite mean is lava.

lying on nails gives me a massage.

picking up semi trucks wakes me up.

instead of coffee, I drink liquid nitrogen.

running around the earth takes 5 minutes.

there is no boundary's for me.

I play baseball with a bolder.

I drink the ocean to cool down.

I am better than you.


a giant tree grows

it sways through the winds cool breeze

finally, it fell

blazon poem

my strength is like a gorilla's

my agility is like a cheetah

my intelligence is like the chimps

my toughness is like the rhinos

my speed is like an Elefant's

my poem is like tangled hair

I am the trees growing in the summer

I am the leaves on the ground in the fall

Makes Me Thank Of

Sun makes me think of lava.

Lava makes me think of hot.

Hot makes me think of the beach.

Beach makes me think of the ocean.

Ocean makes me think of basalt.

Basalt makes me think of lava.

Lava makes me think of the sun.


There was a baby born one day

On a pile of hay

He wasn't normal

He saved the mortal

He is in the heavens today.

Rhyme Scheme

Every day he'd shovel hay

He done it for little pay

He rarely ever eats

candy type sweets

But he was a good boy

But never got toy

Color pome

Red is the color of my mom's car
Red is the color of my blanket
Red smells like the roses at my granny's

Red tastes like fresh strawberries
Red sounds like the sizzle of my steak cooking
Red looks like the inside of my favorite steak
Red feels like my silky smooth blanket I cover up with every night
Red makes me sleepy
Red is the color of my first bike