Six Weeks Project

By : Aylin Cordero

5 Senses

  • Hands- you feel
  • Ear- you listen
  • Nose- you smell
  • Eyes- you see
  • Mouth- you taste

5 W's

  • Who did it?
  • What happened?
  • When was it done?
  • Where did it happened ?
  • Why did it happen?

Plot Development

  1. Exposition tells you the characters, setting and the conflict.
  2. Rising Action is the events before the climax , tried to solve the problem but fails.
  3. Climax is the greatest suspense or action.
  4. Falling Action is the action or events that happens after the climax.
  5. Resolution is the end of story;where all problems are solved .

Revising & Editing !

When Revising a paper you want too:

  • Add more to all your sentences.
  • Remove any unneeded words or sentences.
  • Move any sentences around (if needed).
  • Substitute words or sentences for others.
When Editing a paper you want too:
  • Capitalize any names, places ,etc.
  • Punctuation make sure it's used correctly.
  • Spelling by checking all words and using resources.

Point of View

  • First person: is when the main character is telling the story.
  • Third person: is when the narrator is not a character in the story and uses he/she/it.
- Limited is when the narrator only know what one character is doing or knows.

- Omniscient is where the narrator still uses he/she/it but this time the narrator knows EVERYTHING ,that others don't know what it knows.

Creating a Story

When creating a story you want to get all your ideas together and think about what you want to write about. Once you have that you would write an outline out with all your main ideas of your story and with a plot added with it. Start writing/typing your story about what you thought about. Then revise & edit your story and you finally get to do your final draft of your story.