Social Groups

Cold War Culture

Women, African Americans, and Mexicans

1. Description:

What? Rarely appeared in television programs and were discriminated because of their race or gender.

Time Period? 1950s

Location? In the United States.

2. Cause and Outcome of Event:

Cause? Different color of skin and not thought to have the same skills as men. Also women were not thought of to be as smart and as strong as men, therefore were not valued as important in our society.

Reason? Many Mexicans and other racial groups were allowed into the US to help with agricultural purposes.

Result? All people who were discriminated including women were outnumbered 1:3 and played stereotypical roles in movies.

3. Importance

Significance? Many became US citizens annexed in the south west so crossed US borders.

To Whom? African Americans, Women, and Latinos

Baby Boom

1. Description:

What? Explosion of the United States population (Baby Boom).

Time Period? 1950's

Location? In the United States.

2. Cause and Outcome of Event:

Cause? Soldiers returned from WW2 and settled in with family resulting in a population expansion.

Reason? Families reunited and the birthrate (number of births per 1,000 people) in the United States soared.

Result? At the height of the baby boom, in 1957, one American infant was born every 7 seconds- a total of 4,308,000 that year.

3. Importance:

Significance? The result was the largest generation in the nation's history.

To Whom? All of Americans especially those returning home from World War Two.