Fantastic February!

Stella & Dot / Team Villarreal / February 2014

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February is the month of love, and our customers sure love Stella & Dot! Do you know what they love even more? FREE Stella & Dot! So make things happen as you fill your calendar and your wallet by making women feel more stylish and chic, one necklace at a time!



Help the guys shop for Valentine's with your eboutique!

Jumpstart For All

Start Fresh!

Sell $1000 dlls - Get 10% free product

Sell $1000 dlls in first 30 days - Get quickstart bonus $100 in free product

Sell $5000 dlls - Get 15% free product

Sell $10,000 dlls - Get 20% free product

Sponsor 1 who sells $1000 - Get $100 cash (unlimited)

Your Stylist Sponsors 1 who sells $1000 - Get $100 cash (unlimited)

PLUS....your permanent bonuses!

Sell $500 for 3 consecutive months - Get $100 in free product (Consistency Bonus)

Sell $5000 every month - Get $100 in free product (Stellar Seller Bonus)

Congratulation Sandra Mercado, $200 in free jumpstart product so far!

Brighten Up Your Life Tour

Check out Events at the Stylist Lounge for a BUYL Tour near you!

100 Hearts Challenge

Collect 100 booking conversations (call 100 people) and get a surprise at the end of the month!! Let's fill up your calendar

New Stylists

Welcome RA Kelly and Marnie Berriman! It is such a pleasure to have you join Stella & Dot and our team!

January Kudos

January Sales

Sandra Mercado - $2,589

Melissa Fisher - $550

Esmeralda Wong - $516

Congrats on all your hard work!