Myths About Gifted & Talented

Tiffany Lowry

Three Big Ideas

-Gifted students are not gifted in every area or content, they need to be guided and challenged by their teachers in order to be successful. They cannot learn and be ok on their own.

-Gifted students can be special education students as well. Sometimes their learning disabilities hide their true GT potential and they often miss out on the GT modifications.

-In many ways gifted students are the same as their peers. they develop the same emotionally, but can often be misinterpreted as being more emotinally mature. Not all students are gifted, most are not, but those that are need to be recoginzed for their unique ability.

Two Questions....

How can you better identify students with learning disabilities (SPED) with GT potential?

Why is the racial gap present? Students with White and Asian background seem to fill GT programs. There are other students in other races, but why are they not being noticed to recommended for GT?


Things we can do now...

Begin to monitor students in other races (along with Asian and White) to look for GT tendencies to help bridge the racial gap in the GT programs.