Vietnam War Protest

Andy Craven

Protest in the Capital

Students protesting the war on the capital steps
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Kent State

4 students were killed in a protest when national guardsmen fired into crowd
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student placing a flower in a guardsmen's rifle
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Draft Dodge

Many Americans protested the war by refusing to enlist for the draft, and fleeing the country
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Draft Card Burn

Many protested the war by burning their draft cards
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Love not War

The war led to the popular phrase love not war, brought about by the "hippies"
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Many blacks felt they were fighting a white war when one they had no quarrel with demonstrated by this sign
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At Home?

Many argued we didn't have the money for a war since we counldn't afford to feed our poor and homeless.
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I choose the pictures, because I believe they illustrate the sentiments here on the home front, during the war. They show events that also led to more anti-war feelings.