Common types of fraud and how to prevent it. By: Maia Bolden

Understanding fraud

Fraud can be best described as an intentional effort to deceive another individual for personal gain. The most types of fraud that occur are identity theft, communications, credit, investment, and tax.

Protecting yourself from fraud

Multiple ways to protect your personal information:

  1. Don't carry your social security card
  2. Keep personal records in a secure location
  3. sign credit and debit cards with signature and "please see ID"
  4. memorize and use difficult pin numbers
  5. Shred personal documents before discarding them
  6. Deposit outgoing mail in a secure post office collection box
  7. Being careful with what personal information is shared on the internet

Signs of fraud

  1. Unfamiliar or unrecognizable charges
  2. You are denied credit
  3. Errors in your credit report
  4. mail is missing

Ways a scammer can access your information

  1. Searching through outgoing mail
  2. Guessing a Pin number
  3. Searching through discarded mail
  4. Searching online banking website

Things you should know when...

Using your debit card

  1. Do not use debit cards to purchase items online
  2. Use caution when using debit cards to purchase items in retail stores

Recieving emails from overseas

Play it safe by:

  1. Not responding to these emails
  2. By deleting these emails right away
  3. Being precautious of who you send emails to

Recieving free credit reports

  • Annually checking your credit report and score is a essential tool.
  1. It will help you identify if you may become a victim
  2. It may help you maintain a good credit rating

Being asked for personal information

  • Things such as being asked for personal information to receive your flu shot examination over email may be used to gain information
  1. Do not respond to these emails
  2. Never give out information over email

Ways to be careful online

Use privacy settings on social networking

Use credit card when making online purchases

Look for https for a picture of a lock

Do not click on pop up links

If you become a victim of fraud

What steps should you take?

  1. Act immediately
  2. Keep detailed records
  3. File a report with your local law enforcement
  4. Report to the appropriate federal agency