Tips from the Tech Guy

March 19, 2013

iHelpU Online

A new training resource and tutorial site is now up - iHelpUOnline. It's a new and revamped version of the training videos Mark was making last year. The site is still young, so there is not much content there yet, but it will grow fast.

Clean Those Dirty Filters

It's time to change your projector filters. Don't know how? Check out this handy guide. It's super easy, and it will keep your projector running and help your bulb last longer. Also, make sure to turn your projector off when you aren't using it or when your students are gone.


Symbaloo is a great app to use in your classroom. You can create a page full of visual bookmarks for your students to use on their phones, tablets, or computers. You can check it out and learn how to use it here.

Wow, That's a Big Campus! And It's All Mine!

myBigCampus (or MBC) is a great resource for 1-to-1 schools. You can use it to communicate with your students, hand out assignments, encourage student collaboration, and more. It will even grade papers for you! Interested? Find out more!

App Spotlight - Skitch

If you haven't tried Skitch yet, you need to check it out! Take a screen shot or a picture you already have, write or draw on it, then save it. You can do some cool stuff this way:

  • let your students make their own lock screens and put their name on it
  • screenshot an app and write notes on it
  • take a picture of a science experiment and annotate it
  • send them a where's waldo/ispy picture and have them circle the mission object

If Skitch doesn't work on your mac or ipad, have your tech guy update it for you. There are a ton of uses for it. FYI - Evernote owns this one, so they want you to integrate with Evernote, but you don't have to .