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#LND - BACK TO SCHOOL Edition - July 27, 2018

Thank you!

I want to say thank you to the many volunteers who have helped in so many ways over the summer months. This past week, we had folks doing yard work - some well into the evening hours. Our campus is look sharp! We had parent volunteers here the last two weeks working with band camp. We've also had active volunteers helping with many of our athletic teams the last several weeks. And we have had student volunteers - a group of students did a great job painting cabinets in one of the teacher workrooms.

Thank you, everyone, for taking a role in our success. Many hands make for light(er) work!

I look forward to seeing everyone Thursday for Open House!

Chromebook distribution/laptop registration next week!

We are asking that ALL students to make arrangements to register their student owned device or check-out their assigned school issued chromebook prior to the first week of school. For three days (7/31,8/1,8/3), RHHS will be open to meet with students to declare which option (use an RHHS issued chromebook or an approved personal laptop) they will take, and complete the device registration process. In order to make this process efficient, devices will be assigned or registered for network access over the following dates in the West Campus LiNK;

Tuesday, Jul-31; 8AM - 8PM

Wednesday, Aug-1; 8AM - 8PM

Friday, Aug-3; 8AM - 8PM

Page 4 of the “Student Device Acceptable Use Guidelines” must be signed by the student and guardian and the student who is using the device must be present to collect/register their device. This process takes 20-30 minutes.

If you have questions about any part of our 1:1 plan, please email me.

Student schedules

Students' schedules are accessible on PowerSchool. PowerSchool access is disabled for students (parents) who owe a fine or fee or who are on the Obligations List. These students (parents) must either take care of the fine/fee/obligation prior to PS access being reinstated or come to the West office to sign-off that they acknowledge the fine/fee/obligation.

Student schedules should be accurate for a large majority of our students. If a student has an error, a class missing in his/her schedule, or an unbalanced schedule (more academics one semester than the other), he/she will submit a schedule change request electronically. The schedule change is link is below-


Comcast Internet Essentials

Internet Essentials from Comcast offers low-cost Internet service, discounted computer equipment, and free digital literacy training to families with at least one child eligible to participate in the National School Lunch Program or who attend a Title I school. If your child receives free/reduced lunch, please click below to apply for this service-

Link to Comcast Internet Essentials

Free and reduced lunch applications

ALL families are encouraged to apply for free/reduced lunch. In recent years, with changes in our economy, more students meet the guidelines to be eligible for free/reduced lunch.

The free/reduced lunch application can be printed from this link, or you can pick up this form from your child's advisor during Open House. I strongly encourage all students/families to consider applying for this. If you need assistance completing the application, please call the school - we are always happy to help!

Back to school Blood Drive!

RHHS will be hosting our 2nd Annual Back-to-school Blood Drive on Friday, August 3rd, 8am-2pm, in the RHHS West Campus Gym. Click below and see the poster below for additional information. Every pint counts - please give!

More information about the blood drive

Big picture

Open House - Thursday, August 2nd

RHHS will host our annual Open House on Thursday, August 2nd, 5-7pm.

This year, RHHS is offering an informal Open House from noon-5pm for returning 10th, 11th and 12th grade students. These students/parents may visit the school between 12-5pm on August 2nd to visit their child's advisor and meet teachers. It is less formal because these students are returning to RHHS and generally have fewer questions than our rising 9th graders and new students. I encourage returning students and their parents to use this option if they would like. Returning students are certainly always welcome during the formal Open House, 5-7pm.

*The school store will be open and will have RHHS swag for sale!

School start time changing

This year, RHHS will begin and end a little earlier each day. School will begin at 7:30am with dismissal at 2:30pm. Please begin making any necessary adjustments now so that students are here, and in class, by 7:30am each school day.

School begins on Monday, August 6th at 7:30am.

Office Hours for RHHS

RHHS will be fully closed Monday, July 30th, until 1pm so that all faculty and staff can attend our district-wide convocation.

RHHS office hours will be 7am-3:30pm beginning Tuesday, July 31st.

Student parking: parking permits for all go on sale July 16

Regular parking permits went on sale Monday, July 16th, for $65. All students parking cars on campus must obtain a parking permit - even Dual Enrolled students.

On the first day of school, August 6th, all vehicles parked on campus must have the required parking permit displayed.

Students may begin picking up their parking decals during office hours. These will be available from Ms. Kiser in the attendance office.

Taking care of our students - RHHS Counseling Newsletter

Last year, we began including this section in our weekly newsletter. This section focused on the social/emotional topics related to schools and students. The information was written each week by our counselors and usually tied into our weekly advisement lesson.

This coming year, the counselors would like to expand their communication to you. Our counselors will be producing a monthly newsletter. This will be written and sent out at the end of each month. This monthly newsletter will include grade-specific information, timely updates, and a continued focus on social/emotional wellness.

I want to thank our counselors for taking this initiative and improving upon an already strong practice!

Below you will find email contact information for our counselors. Please always know that we are here to help.

Rhashida Bunyan

students with last names A-Daly

Emily Neff

last names Daniel-Hernandez Massey

Deanna Appleton

last names Herring-Michaud

Laine Lynch, department chair

last names Michel-Sanchez

Saraswati Hendrix

last names Sanderlin - Z

Jennifer Blanton

Graduation Coach

Jonna Vaughn

Military and Family Life Counselor