November/December 2015

SSD has been COOKING UP some new and exciting resources!

Standards Based IEP Google site offers:

SB Goal Writing Samples and Tools

New Progress Monitoring Recommendations

Decision Making Tool for Progress Monitoring Behavior

How do I get there?

OR search "SB IEPS" on SSD Life -> SSD Case Manager Resources ->Goal Writing and Data Collection Examples

Did you Know?

FBA's are not the only answer, easy Wisdomwhere Credit, IKEA and Education!

Problem Solving with Function in Mind:

Like an FBA, but can be accomplished in a few short meetings and requires no direct is meant to be a QUICK problem solving approach! You would still consider the antecedent (based on informal observation, teacher feedback),the problem behavior, and how to extinguish and replace the behavior

*Training on 1/15 and 2/19, 3/2 and 4/6, 2:30-4:30

Wisdomwhere Credit:

SSD has recommended some new Progress Monitoring Tools, such as, watch a short module and receive credit!

Under "Free Tools" on page 3, look for the links!

Ikea and Education? Who Knew!

The IKEA effect is based on the consumer, as client, enjoying a final product more after being a part of it's completion. Key points in the article, as to how this applies to education include:

  • "The Ikea effect appears to be entirely the result of investing energy to complete a worthwhile project and then being able to stand back and admire it's successful outcome. Simply working on a project, contributing to it without seeing it through to closure, does not appear to produce the effect at all"
  • "If you begin to look at student products through their eyes, rather than yours, you will begin to have insights into the efforts and investments that they had to make."
  • "We need to ensure our feedback comments reflect concrete steps that the students can take to further develop their worthwhile ideas."

Cool Tools - FREE!

Zeal: Online Exit Slips created in under 10 seconds, 15,000 pre-created slips tied to standards!

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