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Newsletter - Thursday 6 April 2023


Dear Parent & Carers,

College Photo Day will be held on Wednesday 26th April. This is the first day of school for Term 2.

Information has been sent to families via Compass in terms of ordering photos for your children. Students will be taken to the College Hall for photos and it will cause some disruption to the normal day routine.

Please note that only students wearing correct and appropriate College uniform will be permitted to have their photo taken. If students have a PDHPE practical lesson, they are to bring a change of clothes. Further, if students cannot have their photo taken on this day, there will be a ‘catch-up’ day scheduled. Students will be informed of the date when it is confirmed.

Major points related to photos:


  • No make-up, false lashes, heavy eye liner, nail polish, or acrylic/gel nails

  • One set of plain, small studs or sleepers (maximum diameter 1cm). No more than 1 earring in each ear. Earrings only to be worn in the lower ear lobe. No other visual body or facial piercings are allowed (including clear studs)

  • Shoulder-length hair or longer needs to be fully tied back off the face and at the back of the head

  • No decorative hair accessories eg: coloured clips, flowers, beads, etc are allowed

  • College blazer to be worn


  • Hair styles should be moderate, with no extremes (this includes but is not limited to: fades, mullet styles, undercuts etc)

  • Hair should NOT be below the collar or covering the ears, no undercuts or spiked styles, no very short crew cuts or head shaves. There should not be any noticeable change in length. Hair should not be long enough to be tied. Hair to be cut an a minimum length of a ‘No. 2’

  • Boys faces should be clean shaven

  • No ear, visual body or facial piercings are allowed (including clear studs)

  • College blazer to be worn

Should you wish to purchase any photos please click on this link to order your photos.

Or visit:

And enter the SBCC online order code: 8A9 6V4 L53

Uniform Guidelines

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In this last Newsletter of the term, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the students and staff for their support and contributions during this very busy first term. I also acknowledge and commend Year 7 students for the mature way they have approached high school life and to encourage them to continue to strive to develop a Love of Learning, Love of Neighbour and Love of God as they continue their education at St Benedict’s.

Year 7 Transition reports

This week, Year 7 Transition School reports will be released. These reports provide an overview of how your child has settled into the high school environment and their academic studies. The report will indicate whether their subject teachers have cause for concern with regard to behaviour, effort, organisation and use of technology. In addition, the STRIVE Coach's feedback will focus on your child’s support of our school values and Benedictine Pillars. Please contact your child’s STRIVE Coach or specific subject teacher if you require clarification regarding any information that is included in the report.

School Uniform

The standard of personal appearance and expectations of school uniform are very clearly stated for our school community. Students are well informed of the expectations regarding uniform. Most of the student body follow these expectations and are to be commended for this. However, I would ask that parents take the Easter break as an opportunity to review the appearance and repair of their child’s uniform, particularly in regards to the length of the girls’ skirts for Year 10, 11 and 12, which is to be worn on the knee. Students will return to school in the winter uniform, this includes wearing the school blazer to and from school each day. I would ask that parents and carers take time to review the winter uniform expectations with your child and to ensure that your child is aware of, and following, these expectations.

Uniform Shop Survey

As a school, we are always trying to find ways to do better by our student, parent and carers

community. Our school uniform supplier is working with us to find better ways to support our school community. With this in mind, we would appreciate your honest feedback about our school uniform supplier, Ranier Schoolwear by answering questions in this


Your feedback is confidential, and you will not be identified to anyone.

Bishop Brian Mascord’s Bearers of Christ Love

The Bishop of Wollongong, Most Rev. Brian Mascord DD, has published a new document on the nature and purpose of Catholic schools in our diocese. Titled Bearers of Christ’s Love — Catholic

Schools in the Diocese of Wollongong, this document is the first of its type in our diocese since the 1970s.

In it, Bishop Brian explores the purpose of Catholic schools as an expression of the Church experience, as well as the vital connection between schools, parents/carers, parishes, and the diocese itself.

Throughout the document, Bishop Brian reiterates:

  • The significant role Catholic schools play in the evangelising mission of the Church and the nurturing of students’ faith.
  • The commitment of Catholic educators to complement and support the educational rights and duties of parents as their child’s first educator.
  • The essential requirement for Catholic schools to be places of educational excellence, where learning, wellbeing and actions of outreach and service are integrated in a holistic educational vision and practice.
  • That Catholic schools are places where those seeking a Catholic education are welcome, reflecting the diverse mix of cultures, nationalities and religious traditions that currently make up our school communities.

I encourage you to take the time to watch the short video from Bishop Brian and read this important document on the Catholic Education Diocese of Wollongong website.

As we prepare ourselves for the most significant event in the Church’s liturgical calendar, it is important to remember that as Easter people, we are people of hope. We are made in the image and likeness of God, and despite our human weakness, there is an innate goodness in each of us to treat each other with respect, compassion and forgiveness.

I would like to wish you a very happy and restful Easter break.

Mrs Kerrie Piatek


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Information in this calendar list is correct at the time of publication but is subject to change without notice.

  • Thursday 6 April - Last Day of Term 1
  • Monday 24 April - Staff Professional Development / Pupil free day
  • Tuesday 25 April - ANZAC Day - Public Holiday
  • Tuesday 25 April - ANZAC Day March - Meet Mrs Logue on Elizabeth Street, Camden at 10:00am
  • Wednesday 26 April - Students Commence Term 2
  • Wednesday 26 April - College Photo Day (Full school uniform with blazer)
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An eleven week term comes to a close during HOLY WEEK. We now move into the Easter Triduum.

Wollongong’s Bishop Brian Mascord’s Easter Message (LINK) is definitely a piece I invite you to read and reflect on this Easter. Bishop Brian’s speaks of Jesus as a Divine Gardener.

Jesus, the Divine Gardener, comes to dwell in us—nourishing and feeding, pruning the branches that have become wild, and binding up all that is weak and broken—because he loves us and sees in us a garden that can, and will, bear fruit under the guidance of his gentle hand.


The Way of the Cross is a traditional devotion in honour of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. Known also as Stations of the Cross, Via Crucis, and Via Dolorosa, the Way of the Cross had its origins in the Holy Land, but it did not become popular around the world until the 17th Century. In a sense, the Way of the Cross is a mini-pilgrimage through the events that covered the final hours of Jesus’ life on earth. In most Catholic churches there are painted or carved images depicting the Way of the Cross.

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Students and staff participated in HOUSE BASED mini-pilgrimages on Thursday during STRIVE. A most wonderful and reverent way to listen, understand and respond to the key events of Jesus’ life on earth.

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This year St Mary MacKillop Parish (Oran Park) will celebrate the following Holy Week and Easter services and Masses:

Holy Thursday (6th April): Mass of the Lord's Supper at 7pm (in St Justin's/St Benedict's Hall, Oran Park)

Good Friday (7th April):

  • Stations of the Cross at 10am (in St Justin's/St Benedict's Hall, Oran Park)

  • Stations of the Cross at 10am (at St Mary Mother of God Church, Leppington)

  • Passion Service at 3pm (in St Justin's/St Benedict's Hall, Oran Park)

Easter Vigil (8th April):

Solemn Easter Vigil Mass at 6pm

(in St Justin's/St Benedict's Hall, Oran Park)

- there will be no 4pm Reconciliation or 5pm Saturday Vigil Mass on 8th April.

Easter Sunday (9th April):

- Mass at 8am (in St Mary Mother of God Church, Leppington)

- Mass at 8am (in St Justin's/St Benedict's Hall, Oran Park)

- Mass at 10am (in St Justin's/St Benedict's Hall, Oran Park)

- Mass at 5pm (in St Mary MacKillop Church, Oran Park)


On Friday 24 March, the College celebrated Flourish Day. A huge thank you to our amazing teachers for their support and involvement on the day.

Our Year 10 students focused on Respectful Relationships. Our students had the opportunity to listen to and work with David and Katie Kobler from Yourchoicez.


Year 7 spent the day at Don Bosco in St Mary’s. The day centred around the theme of ‘Belonging: Positive Relationships’. Students had the opportunity to to pray, reflect and work in small groups looking at the strengths of belonging and having good relationships with one another. The central Benedictine theme was ‘Community’. Aaron McDonald from the Catholic Education Office spent the day with us and spoke to Year 7 regarding bullying and the importance of listening and having values.


Year 8’s reflection day was facilitated by the Lasallian Mission Team. The theme of the day was ‘Flourish Olympics’. During the Flourish Olympics Year 8 explored the notion of flourishing and that we, just like Olympians, have character, strengths and virtues. However, we aren’t just born with it, we need to train them individually, as a collective and ultimately we have God who is on our team who has both given us these gifts and is willing to be on our team to help them grow.

The Olympics is a worldwide phenomenon that seeks to celebrate the diversity of the human race, through sports. It is one example of our shared common humanity that is flourishing. Olympians, like our Catholic saints and patrons of our St Benedicts houses, display particular character, strengths and virtues that have taken time to cultivate. When we see the news, or watch the Olympics on television, we are seeing the end result of years of dedication, discipline and training. This small snapshot is only the tip of the iceberg that each person has put in to develop their character, strengths and virtues. Throughout his metaphor, the “Flourish Olympics'' retreat experience will delved into the following:

Session 1 had a dual focus, the first was to provide a common definition of what it means to flourish and secondly that to truly flourish requires a team of people, each taking ownership and contributing.

Session 2 provided experiential opportunities for students, individually and as part of a team, to flourish and reveal that it takes training (sacrifice, time and effort) to flourish. It also delved into the notion of success, failure and that failure, mistakes and bumps on the road are a normal part of the process.

Session 3 involved a reflective experience that delved into Jesus’ “team mates”, their experience of failure, strengths, character and virtues.

Have a blessed Easter.

God Bless.

Mrs Kimberley Logue

Director of Mission and Vision,

Religious Education Coordinator

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(Week beginning Monday 3rd April)

As we enter Holy Week, we continue to reflect on the lives of people vulnerable to extreme poverty and injustice and how we can respond through supporting Caritas Australia’s Project Compassion appeal.

Your generosity is the pebble that allows Caritas Australia to create the ripples that will improve the livelihoods of vulnerable communities, supporting them to flourish and create opportunities for future generations to live to their full potential.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Bulfon and the Norcia house for your participation in fundraising for Project Compassion. The Norcia house ran numerous successful initiatives to help our school community to raise much needed funds for Caritas Australia. Along with the Social Justice team, Norcia and the wider school community raised a total of $465.15. A final figure of funds raised will be in advised at the start of next term as we are still collating all the donations.

A huge thank you to Grace C in Year 11 and our team president for her Easter Egg raffle. Again this year we had many Bennies families donate to this cause where we created 18 prizes. Congratulations to all winners of the raffle below. A special mention to Grace C, Claire S, Mrs Wardley and Mrs Tesoriero for finalising all hampers.

  1. Mr Massa

  2. Aiveen T.

  3. Leo F.

  4. Jessica E.

  5. Julian C. (Strive 8.6)

  6. Aiveen T.

  7. Jakob A.

  8. Chloe A.

  9. Alyssa S.

  10. Leo F.

  11. Alessandra G.

  12. Jakob A.

  13. Leo F.

  14. Georgia B.

  15. Georgia B.

  16. Julian C. (Strive 8.6)

  17. Bianca K.

  18. Mrs Smith

Next term Dharawal (Week 1-5) and Hildegard (Week 6-10) will take over from Norcia in supporting the Social Justice team. They have many exciting initiatives planned to support our Winter Appeal where we support St Vincent de Paul and We Are Community. Please keep a close eye on Compass notices, the Newsletter and Social Media for further information.

Thank you to all our staff, students and families for your support throughout this term. The Social Justice team wishes you a safe and holy Easter.

Mrs Sara-Jane Castelli

Social Justice Coordinator

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U Turn the Wheel Driver Education Program

On Thursday last week, Year 11 students took part in the College’s annual U Turn the Wheel Driver Education Program. This program aims to give students vital knowledge about driving safely. The course is delivered by a number of different organisations including Rotary Camden, NSW Police, Camden Council and Youth Solutions. Throughout the day students heard presentations regarding consequences for not driving safely, the impacts of drinking alcohol and driving, sharing the road with other drivers and car care.

This program was immensely informative and engaging, with students giving supremely positive feedback regarding the usefulness of the day.

Mr. Morris

Year 11 Coordinator

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2023 Premier’s Reading Challenge

The Premier’s Reading Challenge 2023 has commenced. Students are encouraged to sign up for the challenge to read 20 books before Friday 18th August 2023. ‘Too hard’ you say? ‘Not enough time’ you say? You will be surprised how many books you have already read. You can include in your personal reading record, books you have read since September last year, 5 books from an approved series, 10 personal choice books and not to mention books you are studying for English. Easy!

Come to the Library to register and be in the running to win a great prize pack together with a Certificate from the Office of the NSW Premier when you complete the challenge which will be awarded at the end of the year at the College Assembly. You will also be awarded House Points for every book you read!

Book v Movie Trivia Competition

Join us in the Library at lunch on Friday Week 3 Term 2 for a fun Kahoot Trivia competition. You may have read the book or seen the movie so join in for some fun and free popcorn. Great prizes are on offer - staff and students are welcome just bring along your laptop to play.

Wishing you all a very safe and Holy Easter.

Happy Reading

The Library Team

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White Card Course held at St Benedict’s

The College provided an opportunity for students to complete the White Card Course which is recognised under the VET Quality Framework, ASQA, and is recognised by Safework NSW.

This unit of competency specifies the outcomes required to undertake Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) induction training within the Construction Industry. In order to work on a construction site in Australia, you must complete the White Card training course. This course covers Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) legislation, basic principles of risk management and prevention of injury & illness in the Construction Industry.

Congratulations to the following Year 10 and Year 12 students for completing the White Card course successfully on that day:

Taylor A, Nikolina A, Isaac A, Natalie B, Caitlin B, Caden B, Gabrielle B, Jordan C, Nicholas C, Jayden C, Alyssa C, Nicholas C, Ethan C, Cooper C, Blessing D, Jackson D, Amelia E, Nicholas G, Andrew G, Patrick G, Rueben J, Lincoln J, Dylan K, Jai M, Olivia M, Nicole P, Christian R, Jaylen R, Cooper R, Marcus S, Daniel S, Marcus S, Alexandro S, Jett T, Elexis V, Zachariah V, Jorden W, Tori W, Alexia Wilson and Jaylen X.

For more information please visit White cards | SafeWork NSW

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Year 10 Food Technology

We have finished off this term’s unit Food Product Development with some egg-citing practicals - including students designing their own Oreo easter egg chocolate truffles and hot cross bun flavours. For the hot cross buns, students were provided with a base recipe and a variety of ingredients where they could challenge themselves with different flavour and ingredient combinations.

To finish this unit of work, Year 10 will be completing their first Assessment Task early next term. They have been following the design process to identify a target market and design and test a new, exciting ice-cream flavour. We look forward to sharing their creations early next term!

Mrs Reavell

Year 8 Technology Mandatory

Year 8 students are continuing to develop their confidence and skills in the kitchen. Recently students enjoyed preparing Lemon Myrtle White choc-chip cookies - with a focus on using a bush food in a simple contemporary recipe and oven safety.

This week students prepared Chicken bites - focussing on the importance of preventing cross contamination when using a high-risk food (chicken) and learning the necessary safety skills to use the electric fry-pan. Well done Year 8! We look forward to Term 2 beginning with Beef burgers and Vegetarian Nachos to continue to refine their safety skills as well as efficiency in the kitchen!!

Mrs Reavell

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On Tuesday 28 March a number of our MISA teams were involved in Grand Finals for their respective competitions. St Benedict’s were fortunate enough to come away with two trophies in Term 1. Congratulations to the Year 10 - 12 Boys Basketball team coached by Mr Agoo who went through the season undefeated and to the Year 7 - 9 Girls Hockey team coached by Ms Loudoun who defeated the Minor Premiers in the Grand Final 3-1.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the following staff members who gave up their time during the season to train and coach our MISA teams in Term 1. Ms Loudoun, Ms Hawkins, Ms Miller, Mr Agoo, Mr Bulfon, Mr Wisbey, Mr Ripepi and Mr Limbrey.

Wollongong DIO Netball Trials

On Thursday 30 March a number of our students trialled for the Under 15’s and Open's Wollongong DIO Netball teams. In what is always a highly competitive event, our College was fortunate to have one student Saige T be successful in making the Under 15’s Netball team. Saige will now compete at the NSWCCC Netball Championships on Wednesday 3 May at Menai Indoor Sports Centre. We wish Saige all the best at these Championships.

NSWCCC Swimming Championships

On Friday 31 March Dylan G, Jenna S and Ted C competed at the NSWCCC Swimming Championships. All three students were very competitive in their events on the day. On the day Ted C was the winner of both the Boys 16 year old 50m Breaststroke and Boys 15 - 16 year old 100m Breaststroke. Ted will now go on and compete at the NSW All Schools Championships event to be held at Homebush on Thursday 1 and Friday 2 June. We wish Ted all the best at these Championships.

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Year 9 Visual Arts have been busy this term completing their A2 sized charcoal drawing inspired by the art making practice of Reg Mombassa. Students referenced their own photograph taken of our school environment, focusing on developing interesting composition and tonal values. Mrs Lane is incredibly proud of the student work ethic and commitment to improving their drawing skills and techniques.

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St Mary MacKillop Catholic Parish - Holy Week & Easter Schedule

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Ranier School Wear - Winter Uniform Update

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To shop online visit our website -
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College P & F Uniform Pool orders

The P & F preloved Uniform Pool is open. For all enquiries please email: Our wonderful P&F volunteer Tracey will contact you.

Items can be paid for and collected from the SBCC College Office. We do not return, exchange or refund on 2nd hand clothing as these are donated by families. Cash is the only option to pay with.

Donations of items in good condition can be left at the College Office.

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Uniform Policy