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David Hume was a Scottish philosopher that was born on April 26, 2014 and he died on August 25, 1776. In today's society David Hume is mainly known as a Scottish philosopher, but when he was living back in his days he was also known as a historian. Also his work is still challenging and modern. Hume belong to a tradition of British empiricism. Hume close friend is Adam Smith.

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David lived in Edinburgh his whole life thats where he attended college. It was known that he was the most persuasive thinker in the Scottish Enlightenment, Hume inspired many people in his days. He thinks that the difference of morals are based on feelings of pleasure and pain of a special sort.


Hume have influence many of people to become philosophy of the 20th century. For example, George Berkeley, Cicero, Rene Descartes, Thomas Hobbles, Charles Darwin, and others.
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