Nikola Tesla

by: Madison Fink


Nikola Tesla lived from July 10, 1856 to January 7, 1943, and this meant that when he had died he was 86 years old. He was born in Croatia; and died in New York, New York. When it comes to his labs he had one on South fifth avenue and then also one at 46 E. Houston street in New York. There was also a time in which he lived in Budapest, and worked for the Central telephone exchange there. Later on in his research and studies, he moved to Colorado Springs. With his job at the Central telephone exchange what they did in that job was they would flip switches for people who were making a call and connect them to the people they were calling by flipping a switch. He got his love of science from his mother, and while Nikola was younger she spent her time making appliances.
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What did he do?

He started his own business which was called Tesla Electric Light Company. He started this after he had left working with Thomas Edison and had gotten the funding he had needed, and he started working on this in 1885.

With all of this he got some help when he caught the eye of George Westinghouse. What he had caught George Westinghouse’s attention with was a thing that was an AC-based invention, and AC stands for alternating current. It was in 1887 when he had caught George Westinghouse’s eye.

He was the maker of the invention the “tesla coil” as can bee seen by the name it is named after him, and these are still used today. It was during the year of 1899 in which Tesla performed his first experiment.

The photo below is a picture of Nikola Tesla sitting in his lab in Colorado Springs where he did all of his tesla coil testing.

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With the invention of the tesla coil, this paved and lead the way for the technology used in wireless technology and radio technology.

When it came to the frequency of the tesla coil it was like he was creating fake lightning. With this, he said that the receiver he had was getting weird signals that he claimed were from other planets, and this caused there to be a big story over all of this and saying that he was communicating with life on Mars. It was later hypothesized though that he had interrupted someone signal while they were giving a demonstration with their technology, this was because the signal that the demonstrator gave off was the same of which Nikola said he had heard. This was in the year of 1899 when this had occurred.

The picture below is a picture of what one of the first radio's looked like.

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