Broken Babes♥

NOBODY likes a broken nail!

About Broken Babes☺

Nobody-and I mean nobody likes the pain and ugliness of a broken nail!

To fix this horrid tragedy, I took it upon myself to create a special substance that fixes the problem in one 2 hours max!

How Does It Work?

Broken Babes comes in a package of one bottle of- what we call "Sploosh"-and the "cast".

First, you apply the Sploosh,which comes in: glitter liquid, colored liquid, and glow in the dark, to the problem area.

Secondly, after you apply the Sploosh, you put the cast over the Sploosh which also come in: glow in the dark, a variety of shapes and colors.

Last, you leave on the break for 30 minutes- 2 hours depending on how bad the break.

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♥ $9.99 for 1 pack anywhere!

♥ Purchase at your local Wal-Mart or at one of our locations!

♥ If you heard our advertisement on TV, Pandora, or on any radio shows let us know and you will receive a free gift with your purchase!

♥Products are made at our factory in Somerset, Kentucky then shipped directly to us!

♥ Don't be scared to come into any of our stores because we offer snacks at every location alongside with a clean store and friendly coworkers!

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