Ripon School District Tech Academy

August 11th and 12th


It is with great pleasure that the Ripon School District welcomes all of you to the Ripon Technology Academy. We have searched for the very best presenter and without hesitation we can assure we have found them. The team is a mix of local and national technology presenters that will broaden your horizons and move you towards technology proficiency.

From beginning to advanced technology users, we have opportunities for you. The Ripon Technology Academy offers a wide variety of courses that will interest learners from all educational areas 4K - 12. Research has clearly shown that learning in a collaborative environment is more successful than learning in isolation. Expand your technology skills in comfortable sessions with presenters who specialize in teaching teachers how to integrate technology into their daily instruction. Don’t be on the outside looking in. Technology is a powerful instrument for instruction and our academy is designed give you the tools you need to enhance that instruction.

We look forward to having you on our campus and hope you share our enthusiasm and excitement as we look ahead to August. Have a great summer and thank you for all you do in education!

Ripon School District

Ripon Tech Academy

Monday, Aug. 11th, 8am to Tuesday, Aug. 12th, 3pm

Tiger Dr

Ripon, WI