New York Giants!

4 Time Super Bowl Champions!

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New York Giants

The New York Giants play at Metlife Stadium, which is the most expensive stadium ever built. This stadium, as you can imagine, is a high quality venue and experience for the fans to watch their team play! There are many places for concessions, making lines shorter and quicker. Also, the area around the stadium is glorified due to the 20 LED pylons that cover the perimeter. Instant replay and team statistics are shown throughout the game giving fans a reminder or second look. What more could you want? Giants games are a blast and a half!

Next home game! Be there!

New York Giants Vs. San Francisco 49ers!

October 11th

8:30 PM

MetLIfe Stadium

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Tickets for this game will be available on the Giants website, Ticketmaster, stub hub, and many other reliable websites! Ticket prices vary from 120-775$ depending on the game and location.
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I was born in Long Island on March 27th, 2000 as Julia Elizabeth Sawicki. I lived my toddler life in New York for about 6 years until moving to North Carolina. I went to Woodland Heights Elementary School and then to Brawley Middle School and I am currently a student at Lake Norman High School. In my free time I like to go on my jetskii, go on runs, hang out with my friends, go shopping, play lacrosse, and hangout with my dog. I live with my brother (17), sister (9), and parents. Me and my brother are very close and enjoy each others presence, unlike me and my sister. I am a sophomore and so far my year is going pretty well, but I am dreading the end of the year when my brother graduates. I play lacrosse for the school and last year we won the state championship! I am excited for this years season and hope we achieve a lot like we did the previous year.