Group 4: Justis, Zoey, Anna, Leigh Ann, Camryn

When did Apartheid officially begin ?

It began in 1948 as a part of the election campaign by DF Malan's Herenigde Party

What happened in 1960 ?

The 1960's marked an important turning point in South Africa's struggle against Apartheid. Whenever the Sharpeville Massacre occurred it signaled the beginning of a brutal battle to stop the actions of Apartheid.

What was the UN's stance on Apartheid

The UN cut off economic and military relations with South Africa because they were against Apartheid

Describe 1 image relating to Apartheir in South Africa

In the picture below people are gathering to mourn over the death of a person who was killed by the South African police. This funeral is taking place on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination day which is celebrated on March 21st every year in honor of the Sharpville Massacre
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