English I Honors

Sept. 19-30

Short Answer Assessment

Throughout the past week and a half, we have been working on EOC-style short answers (also called "open-ended response"). The premise behind this format is that students must respond to analytical questions by (1) Answering the question, (2) Proving their answer with textual evidence, and (3) Explaining the connection between their textual evidence and their answer. A short answer response should be 3-4 sentences in length.

Short Answer Rubrics

Single Selection

The single selection short answer asks students to answer a question over one selection. Below is the grading rubric for a single selection short answer.
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The crossover short answer asks students to compare or contrast two reading selections. The response should have one answer, textual evidence from both selections, and explanation that shows the connection between the two texts. Below is the grading rubric for a crossover short answer.
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Assessment Review Video

English I Assessment Review Video

To Kill a Mockingbird

Next week, we will be starting our study of historical fiction with the novel, To Kill a Mockingbird. I would prefer students to have their own copies for annotation; however, I do have copies available for checkout. We need to have books by Thursday, September 22.

Please note that students will have assigned reading almost every night. It is imperative that students keep up with their reading so that they can effectively engage in class discussion and close reading. We will be writing a full analysis essay over the novel.

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