Computer Hardware And Parts

All info about computer parts and hardware


Ram is called random accesses memory is a form of computer data storage a random accesses storage device is very helpful to accesses files and to find programs easily.

Other Hardware and Parts


Rom stands for read only memory.

This is a medium storage device and is mostly used in computers


A motherboard is normally called a main board it’s a printed circuit its found in all modern computers and it holds most of the circuits together like a cpu.


A cpu is called a central processing unit

It is hardware within your computer or your smartphone witch carry's out the instructions of a computer of a computer program.


A hard disk is a drive inside your computer and it’s a data storage device where you can put disk in and play games and watch movies and even install things.


A monitor or a display unit is a electronic visual display unit where what ever you are doing on a computer is what you use to read of play/watch movies and games.


Input/output is the communication between and information processing unit witch is a computer and the out side world input are things that can receive information and a output is something that can give information back.

Touch Screens

A touch screen is something that in stead of using a mouse and keyboard you can just touch the screen and type away with just a screen and you don’t need a mouse or a key board.