Christmas Party

Time To Party

North Pole Christmas Party

Come to Santa's Christmas party we will have lot's of fun things to do. We will have sleds and a big hill. We will also have a bouncy house. Then we will go deer watching. If we see one big enough we will tag it. For those who want to participate we will also go ice fishing.

Christmas Party

Thursday, Dec. 11th, 7am to Friday, Dec. 12th, 7am

North Pole

  1. First we will have some coffee and doughnuts to start the day
  2. Second we will get our snow gear on and go sled
  3. Then we will come back inside and have some hot cocoa
  4. Then we will go to the basement and jump on the bounce house
  5. Then we will put the snow gear back on and try to spot some deer
  6. Next we will have more hot cocoa then jump on the bounce house some more
  7. After that we will go back outside and go ice fishing
  8. Then come back inside and have some more cocoa
  9. Then we will sit down and watch some Christmas movies
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