Benedict arnold

by Aylissa parsons


Benedict Arnold was a important guy some knew him some people did not know him. No was not a answer for him.I will be talking about his early life and how war began and how it went on. Benedict Arnolds life was full of disappointments and there were a lot of encouragements too.

Early life

Benedict Arnold was born on January 14 1741 when he was younger he had 3 other sisters one of his siblings was named Hanna I don't know the rest of his siblings names. Two of his sisters died when he was young. When he was age 11 it all started. At age 11 he got to study with reverend cogswell. When he was 14 the family business became so bad that they had no more money to pay for school. At age 18 his mom died and at age 20 his dad died. Many years later when he was 26 he got married to Margaret Mansfield. After they got married they had three kids and then when Margaret was 30 she died.

Path to war

There is no name for the moment this is how Americans chose to honer the most heroic in the military career of Benedict Arnold. Additionally British troops entered Boston in 1774 after the Boston tea party. In memory of the most brilliant solder in the continental army. Who was despitely wounderd on this spot 7 October 1777. Winning for this countrymen decisive battle of the American Revolution war.

War life

The revolutionary war began in 1774. Benedict Arnold Jhoned the Rebels to prove himself to be a skilled military leader. When Benedict Arnold Jhoned the war he was eager to fight the British for freedom. Benedict and Allen troops forced the surrender of British solders at crow pont at fort gorge.


I just told you about Benedict Arnold I told you about his early life and how war began and how war went on hope you liked my story of Benedict Arnold and his life. Hope that makes you want research more about him thanks for reading. If there were some words you did not know I have a glossary


. Surrender- to agree to stop fighting

. Courageous- The courageous decision to quit rather than obey an illegal order

. Freedom- to have a rule took away


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