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May 2016


With only three weeks of school left, our final newsletter is here! I’d like to wrap-up the school year with a few more units of study, assessments, and of course, a little fun!

You may have noticed that I changed the format of the spelling test to make it more challenging. Everyone was getting A’s, so I decided to incorporate everything we’ve learned this year about forming a complete and proper sentence into the test. For the remainder of the year, we’ll also work on decoding and comprehension strategies in reading. In Math, we have covered everything a 2nd grader should know, as well as many 3rd grade concepts. The last thing we will work on is Elapsed Time.

As for homework… 2nd grade is the first year of “real” homework for us, so we played around with a few different techniques. My main goal was to teach them how to be responsible for their own work. To keep it simple, I only sent home material that was already covered in class. Feel free to let me know your thoughts on how we can continue to improve in this area.

I definitely want to thank you so much for reminding them, reprimanding them, and helping them complete their homework in general. Parents have such a huge impact on a child’s success in school. When you are actively involved in your child’s education, they get higher grades, perform better on tests, and have less behavior problems in class. So, THANK YOU so much for being such great parents!!!

The Year In Review

Our students are developing in a period where Georgia schools, colleges, and businesses are demanding more than ever before. People across the country are worried that our public school system has not equipped our children with the tools they need to compete in a global world. The Common Core State Standards are supposed to help fix this. I won’t go into my opinion on Common Core, but I will share with you what it is supposed to do:

1. Give a clear picture of what students should know at each grade level

2. Develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and analytical skills

3. Measure student progress throughout the year

These Common Core basics were already incorporated into the k12 curriculum that I have taught for the past seven years. However, preparing for the GA Milestone Test with students who have not been required to think on a higher level can be a challenge.

Throughout the year I have given them many problem-solving opportunities. By having a smaller setting, we can dig deeper into understanding and explaining concepts vs. briefly covering a lot of material. Ms. Raven may introduce a topic one day, and I will go back and reinforce it the next day. Sometimes we spend two weeks on one topic. This helps them to really understand what they are learning in the deepest way possible. In class, we are able to connect real life with the subjects they are studying.

This method of laying down a foundation that serves as an educational compass works. Most of the returning students have exceeded the state expectations and are already working on the next grade level! As a whole, the students nailed math facts, wrote impressive essays, and met their reading goals. I’m very proud that all of them have made improvements and are developing into mathematicians, budding writers, and critical thinkers. I am already looking forward to having them back next year!