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May 10 and 17, 2019

What Good Are Field Trips?

Well, it depends on who you are asking? Mostly, students will respond enthusiastically – out of classes and into the woods – “Yay!” they say! Parents have mixed emotions. Little ones growing up and leaving the nest for longer and longer periods of time. Sadness and joy both. Teachers: mixed emotions, too. Their charges often attending classes under someone else’s direction – nice; but heavy too -- always, always feeling the responsibility of their charges WHEREVER they are.

Nonetheless, field trips are a wonderful opportunity for children to experience a larger part of their world with the same weekday group of peers and beloved “secondary” adults in their lives.

Memories are made of this. Just ask any alumnus. Night walks on the beach at Barrier Island, NC’s Earthshine learning how to cut back on waste, Charleston trips to actual historical sites, D.C. to garner firsthand information on government, Crow Canyon, Colorado to hunt for Indian artifacts, and on and on and on.

For the first time, our whole group of 1st – 8th graders (in separate sections) enjoyed the world of the North Carolina mountains by experiencing nature hikes with some of the best outdoor environmentalists this past week at Green River Preserve. (You will see many pictures below since Mr. Dabney was able to go for a short time.) From what I hear, sitting longingly in my office, it is a very special place with dedicated workers who love nature AND children AND educating children about nature. I can’t wait to live it vicariously through their stories next week.

As a family, after the laundry is done, the mosquito bites are taken care of, and the sleepiness wears off, be sure to ask your child (among many questions): Tell me one special thing you really

SAW or



now UNDERSTAND that you did not know before you went.

Then sit back, reflect, and be grateful you have a child alive to a world that surrounds us beyond the evening news and video games.

- Karen Holt

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Middle School student Jack Davis took this picture of a famous tree on the Lower Bald on one of our hikes that unfortunately has died in the past few years. The tree grew for years in what little soil was available on top of a rock face, but had outgrown its resources. This is what remains of the tree.
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Unfortunately I was only able to stay one day, and I was only able to follow just one of several groups on my trip. I tried to snap as many photos of the experiences as possible while I was there, though. As Ms. Holt wrote above, ask your child to reflect on their trip and to remember the lessons they learned and the time spent with their friends on this valuable learning experience. Ask them about cairns, wolf trees, the Grand Slam of animal sighting, sliding rock and cave exploration adventures, carrying firewood, gathering kindling, and building campfires, making animal calls, the ORT report featuring Ort Man and Scrappy, lining up for meals, sneaking up on blindfolded friends trying not to get caught, zip lining into the pond, fly fishing, and rock climbing. Enjoy their enthusiasm for learning and bonding with friends as I was able to do in the short time I was able to attend.

For more photos to jog your child's memory of the above and many other adventures they were able to experience, look through this photo album from the trip. Fortunately, several other photographers were kind enough to share photos from their trips as well! Lower Elementary has shared their album here, and Upper Elementary has shared an album here. Student photographers Carter Wolken and Robert George have shared albums (Carter's includes Field Day photos as well), and parent and chaperone Kiri Fellabaum has shared her album as well (she may add more photos to her album soon -- check back to see if there are more!).

- Matt Dabney

Dates to Remember

May 27 - Memorial Day Holiday, all programs closed

May 28 - LE Peace Ceremony

May 29 - UE Piping Up

May 30 - Early dismissal at 11:30 a.m., Promotion, 6:30 p.m.

May 31 - Awards Day, 8:30 a.m.

May 31 - Last Day of School, early dismissal 10:30 (I/T-LE) and 11:00 (UE-HS)

June 1 - HS Graduation, 4:00 p.m.


As mentioned in the previous issue of Montessori Matters, MSA's prom was held on Saturday, May 4. We wish to give a special thank you to Junior Lexi Merriman for all of her efforts in organizing prom and to her and everyone else that assisted in crafting decorations and decorating the Rivendell Clubhouse for the A Night in Paris theme. Prom would not have been such a great success without them! A few photos from the night appear below, and this gallery contains many more to look through.
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Field Day

Field Day was rescheduled for and held last Monday, May 6. Thank you to Jenna Patch and Gloria Harmon for all of their efforts in planning and running another very successful day of fun games and healthy competitions! Enjoy a few photos below, and see this link for many, many more and this album from junior Abby Keenan for even more!
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Thank you to Junior Abby Keenan for capturing this photo during the flossing competition!
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Toddlers in the toddler classes got to watch the opening ceremonies and beginning of Field Day last week, and they had a blast! These toddlers in Toddler Three enjoyed watching the flossing competition at the start of the day.
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Back in their classrooms at the end of the day, two of the toddlers enjoyed works inside and a Toddler Three student met his brother in Primary at the fence between the two playgrounds.

Breakout Rooms

The High School took a team-building field trip to Greenville on Friday, May 10 to eat breakfast and participate in two breakout rooms at Breakout Greenville. The groups took part in the Museum Heist and Runaway Train rooms, and both groups escaped with time to spare! Breakout rooms require close collaboration and puzzle solving, so they are great opportunities to hone team-building and logic skills.
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Mother's Day High School Board

The High School students decorated the conference room whiteboard for Mother's Day over the past couple weeks.
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Infant Introductions

The infants in Infant One are getting more familiar with each other.
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Teddy Bear Clinic

See below for information on next week's free interactive clinic for children at the AnMed Health Women's and Children's Hospital on May 18.
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